Willits Center for the Arts hosts local jewelers and Covelo painters

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Willits Center for the Arts (WCA) held it’s annual Pop-Up Jewelry Show and art opening Saturday, Feb. 2. Fifteen local jewelry artists displayed handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other one-of-a-kind adornments priced for gift-giving in honor of Valentine’s Day. While artists Keith Monroe, Robert Yelland, Laura Buckner, Annie Waters, Marsha Williams, Rebecca Martin, Katie Nyborg, Rhoda Teplow, Nancy Finn, Sharon Bauman, Maria Steffen, Ursula Partch, Karen Mastrian, Jennifer Zeek and Tim Ceratto shared the front gallery, work by Covelo painters David Weitzman and Lynn Zachreson graced the walls in the second gallery.

David Weitzman said he has been making some form of art since he was a young boy. As a young boy he first attended classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and studied oil painting, figure drawing, design, serigraphy and stone lithography. In his forties, Weitzman began illustrating children’s book and his illustrations have been shown in galleries, libraries and museums across the country. Currently he teaches classes on writing, illustrating and designing children’s books based on his 30 years of experience. Weitzman’s recent works depict landscapes focusing on trees and are inspired by Chinese paintings. Each of his pieces, which are painted or drawn onto sheets of clear acrylic, are stamped in red ink with a personal stamp bearing Weitzman’s Chinese name that he said he acquire while studying Chinese painting at Berkely in the 1960s. On many of his pieces, he uses spacers between three or more sheets of acrylic to create depth with in the frame.

Lynn Zachreson is a Minnesota-born painter whose work has been honored in national and international juried exhibits including the 1995 Global Focus: Women in Art & Culture, United Nations 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. She says she is most well-known for her images of the female form she produced in the early 1990s. After hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011, Zachreson moved from Santa Cruz to live in the wilderness near Covelo. She considers her recent works to be somewhat abstract nature scenes. “the natural elements can be mirrored in the elements of art… line and texture. When we react to nature, we are reacting to all of that. And so, you capture it and sort of channel it into painting…” She said each piece is a compilation of memories and experiences, instead of one image. “I follow the paintings. So they start to go in a certain direction… rather than having a preconceived idea that I’m going for… It always starts with a figurative element or a tree or figure or something from nature and sometimes it will get to the point where its completely abstract.

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Jewelry artist Jennifer Zeek said she started creating jewelry after her mother died and she wanted to honor her. She often wears her jewelry pieces and she said when people started asking if she sold her art, she decided it was time to put herself out there. Zeek uses mostly found objects and re-purposed items to create completely unique and individual statement pieces. She often paints and layers materials but said she is very unconventional in her methods and inspiration. “I look at nature so differently. I think artsy people do,” said Zeek. “Some people see a tree and think what a beautiful tree but for me it takes on such a different quality… Every leaf is unique and that’s why I like jewelry… I don’t do anything the same. I like that people will have their own unique piece that’s never going to be the same as somebody else’s… God is the ultimate artist and I look at it and think there is no blade of grass that’s the same… It’s just amazing.”

Along with beer and wine served by WCA volunteers, Ashleigh Caudill, of ToLove Catering, offered guests Persian-inspired dishes including raisin rice with almonds, pomegranate meatballs with walnuts, turmeric potatoes, stuffed dates and other sweets.

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