Top 8 pieces of fashion tech you can slip into now

far infrared radiation fabric, Far Infrared Ray, Keep warm

(Keywords: far infrared radiation fabric, Far Infrared Ray, Keep warm)

Wearable technology is bringing science fiction closer to science reality every day and now you can look good in it too.

Fitness equipment has seen a lot of the action, with products like Fitbit becoming household names – the data from one just allowed cops in Connecticut to charge a man suspected of his wife’s murder – and their competitors taking their share of the market.

Advancements haven’t just been good for joggers. With socks that monitor your baby’s heart rate and suits that help old people to stand up, we’re finding state-of-the-art developments for every stage of a person’s life.

Wearable technology can be so much more than functional.

Kit is smaller, faster and more intuitive, allowing artists and designers to weave them into something beautiful.

As ever, Red Bull is among the trendsetters and has taken full advantage with clothing brand AlphaTauri, a clothes label that pairs everyday, fashionable clothing with extraordinary innovation.

Here are eight of the most exciting garments and gadgets pushing the boundaries of technological innovation right now…


First, it’s AlphaTauri’s new line: EnergyWear.

High-energy Berlin-based breakdance crew the Flying Steps put the garments to the test, performing their signature “liquid angles” routine, as well as a few extra acrobatic numbers for good measure.

Of course, the clothes came out without a scratch but it’s where you can’t see that the magic really happens.

EnergyWear is made with Taurex, a fabric treated with a titan-mineral-complex that reflects the far-infrared radiation emitted by your body back to you as you wear it. This, in line with growing scientific research and Asian curative medicine, stimulates your circulation, enhances your stamina and improves your wellbeing.

far infrared radiation fabric, Far Infrared Ray, Keep warm

Far Infrared Ray

Rain Palette

London-based designer Dahea Sun created the elegant Rain Palette dress which also functions as a pH indicator, changing colour in accordance to the acidity of the rain that falls on it.

The work is paired with an app that allows wearers to update a cloud network and share real-time environmental data on acid rain around the world.


Barclay’s Bank is leading the way on contactless innovation, placing readers in key fobs, wristbands and small chips that can modify your watch or fitness band.

Hong Kong-based firm Tappy have taken contactless payment even further. They unveiled the smart ring at this year’s CES tech show, making both paying for your groceries and proposing to your other half that bit easier.

Log in or block out

The BB. Suit and CHBL Jammer Coat are at two ends of the connectivity spectrum.

The BB. suit prototype is embedded with copper wires, cushioned by two layers of protective cotton, that can link you up to WiFi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth to give your suit MP3 capabilities.

The 0.2 model even uses cold plasma technology to clean the polluted air around you. Working at a high voltage, the charge “grabs the dust and then it drops, so all the bad particles in the air go down to the ground,” designer Akkersdijk explained to Dezeen.

The CHBL Jammer Coat, on the other hand, makes you completely untrackable. Its metallized fabrics keep you safe from the dangers of the digital world by blocking out radio waves. Side effects include making it impossible for you to take phone calls.

Take control

Levi’s and Google have teamed up to develop a denim jacket whose wearers can control their smartphones through the sleeves.

The jacket is the first piece of clothing to make use of technology that Google has been developing since 2015 to create natural and synthetic touch-sensitive fabrics.

This is likely to be the first of many innovations to come out of this particular Google lab.

Sit up

No, this is not an ab-crunch assistant.

With modern problems, come modern solutions. Upright GO is a vibrating slouch corrector to prevent users crouching over their computers or lounging in the office.

The device spots when you’re not sitting upright and sends a little vibration to remind you to sit up, combating back pain and making you look like less of a layabout in the process.

Keeping abreast of your health

Bras are the new frontier for women’s smart clothing and health.

The OMsignal Bra is a sports bra that analyses your biometrics while you run to help you run “mindfully”, whatever that means.

Other ranges of bras provide clearer medical benefits. The iTbra has been designed to detect breast cancer and Bloomer Tech’s checks for signs of heart disease.

At this rate, it won’t be long before there’s a whole drawer of life-saving undergarments.

Smarty… socks?

Sensoria smart socks are made from anti-blistering, antibacterial fabric that lets your feet breathe. The latest model offers more metrics than ever that go straight to an iOS app in real time.

Mara, the internal AI coach, even tells you how to improve your training, when to get a new pair of shoes and provides a virtual shop with over 8,000 shoes to choose from when you do.

far infrared radiation fabric, Far Infrared Ray, Keep warm

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