The mirror has two sides!

acrylic crystal stones, Gem Stone, crystals

(Keywords: acrylic crystal stones, Gem Stone, crystals)

Nothing can brighten up a room more than an artistic and one of a kind mirror. Long gone is the tradition of having a mirror just in your bathroom and bedroom. The modern homes these days are only complete when there is a mirror in every room of the house. But going to stores to pick out an exclusive mirror can become an expensive affair. Therefore DIY your mirrors to give each room in your house a personal touch.

1. Gem Stone Mirror

For this, you will need a round mirror, an acrylic plate, gemstone in any colour (like the ones you put in your fish tank), strong glue and a plate stand. Start off by gluing the mirror onto the acrylic plate. Individually glue each of the gem stones around the mirror thereby building up the rows. Lay it flat and let it rest over night. The next day, place it on the plate stand. This will be a great addition to your vanity.

acrylic crystal stones, Gem Stone, crystals

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2. Seashell Mirror

For this beach themed mirror you will need, a mirror with a thick frame, strong glue and an assortment of sea shells, star fishes etc. Start by cleaning the mirror and frame off any dust. Using the glue, glue on each of the sea shells individually in a pattern that is as per your liking. You can stop here, but if you want to jazz it up a bit, you can glue on a star fish to finish this masterpiece.

acrylic crystal stones, Gem Stone, crystals

3. Amethyst Mirror

For this, you will need: 11 inch round wooden circle, a 10 inch round mirror, amethyst crystals, silver spray paint, strong glue, two eye hooks and a wire. Spray paint both sides of the wooden circle. Glue on the mirror and let it set for 30 minutes. Glue on the crystals onto the border of the mirror with some piece overlapping the mirror. Leave it overnight to set. Attach eye hooks to the back edge of the wood. Thread the wire through the eye hooks and hang it up. This crystal mirror is sure to brighten up that dull corner in your house.

4. CD Mirror

For this psychedelic mirror all you need is old cd’s, glue and a mirror with a large frame. Start off by cutting the cd’s into uneven shapes. Using the glue, glue on the cut up cd’s in a pattern of your choice. Let it rest. Hang it and let the mirror jazz up your living room.

acrylic crystal stones, Gem Stone, crystals

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