Slippers & tables plus chairs “automatic parking” function

Auto parking feature to save a lot of driving, so that the original bitter parking work can be a button, but the Japanese car maker Nissan (Nissan) that this feature can also be used in everyday life, slippers and tables and chairs can be automatically homing, or even It is also actually used in a hot spring hotel, but when these things “move”, it looks like a haunted general instead.

Nissan recently announced a new generation of Leaf electric vehicles, equipped with “ProPILOT Park” automatic parking technology, through this technology will be able to accurately stop the vehicle parked in the grid, regardless of roadside parking or parking storage are hard to fail; in order to To further demonstrate its performance, Nissan built “ProPILOT Park Ryokan” (PPP Hotel) to allow consumers to experience the convenience of automatic parking in another way.


▲ In order to show ProPILOT Park’s technology, Nissan really built a PPP hotel. (Photo / taken from Nissan)

In the PPP hotel, no matter slippers, tables, cushions and even TV remote control, have joined the ProPILOT Park automatic parking technology, simply press the wall control button, these items will detect the surrounding environment, and through the built-in electric motor With the wheels, move to the right place or arrange themselves neatly, the staff does not have to laboriously tidy up the room or slippers.

All men and women were shocked when they saw the shoes and the tables and chairs moving in the film. They thought that this idea was too crazy. Apart from the furniture, the light indoor slippers with automatic parking technology can still be worn normally Walking, will not cause discomfort to the user, have to admire Nissan engineers skills and creativity.

source: Nissan