Object lessons: high jewellery’s functional forms

jacquard fabric, Recycled Textile

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The notion of everyday luxury has long been a preoccupation of high jewellery houses. From the early 20th century, functional pieces such as Cartier’s jewelled letter openers and Van Cleef & Arpels’ multi-tasking gold Minaudières have been offered alongside classic jewellery designs. Today, the tradition continues in suitably understated, functional forms. From sunglasses to hair ornaments, the desire for bejewelled wearables is as contemporary as ever.

There’s bags of appeal behind Cartier’s latest high jewellery collection.

jacquard fabric, Recycled Textile

Recycled Textile

Take this limited edition clutch, constructed from a shimmering silk and wool quartz jacquard fabric, which has an impressively graphic 3D effect. The Milky Way-like colour of the material nods to the interstellar inspiration behind the ‘Les Galaxies Des Cartier’ collection, one that draws on the craggy forms of asteroids and the sparkle of stardust. This bag also boasts a meteorite-inspired clasp in pink gold, diamonds and moonstone. It can be worn as a detachable brooch, as an outer space-centric clothing adornment.

jacquard fabric, Recycled Textile



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