Neither a diamond nor a crystal, what is the difference between a diamond and a broken diamond?

When we buy jewelry, often find these ornaments will use a lot of blingbling transparent small stones as a decoration, looks shiny, with the same diamond. Businesses generally tell you that the little gem above is diamond.



If you ask further questions about diamonds, some businesses may also tell you: diamonds are broken diamonds, or tell you that diamonds are zircon. Lead to a long time later, many people simply think that diamond is broken diamonds, diamonds are diamonds, both of which are zircon, are worthless things.



But in fact,

Rhinestone, broken diamond, zircon are three completely different things, even in the price will be far apart, if you can not tell the concept, then the process of buying jewelry, it is easy to spend some money wasted. So today, I’ll tell you in detail, what is the difference between the three of them.

What is diamond? Diamond is diamond?

Rhinestones, of course, are not diamonds, nor does it mean just what kind of material, but a generic term for imitation diamonds.

The full name of the diamond is actually called crystal diamond, but it is neither crystal nor diamond, but refers to all imitation diamond material. Rhinestone has several common materials, including glass, artificial crystal, topaz, zircon, synthetic cubic zirconia, etc., used exclusively in the middle and low jewelry, jewelry you see in the boutiques are mostly used as a material . There are many local ornaments, similar to the car, the stairs.

It is not only called rhinestones, but also according to the origin of the Austrian drilling, Czech drilling, Korean drilling, domestic A drilling, domestic B drilling, etc., so I said that when buying jewelry, jewelry, but whenever the jewelry prefixes have to be Be careful, because it is likely to confuse the name of the audio-visual, in fact, the material is quite worthless.

Rhinestones fineness, quality, luster will have a greater difference, such as Czech diamond luster can be maintained for three years, while some diamonds are not shiny, just a transparent object.

Cheap diamond jewelry

This is a bit like the concept of “crystal” in commerce. It does not refer to the natural crystal we are familiar with, but to the special type of bright glass used in artificial jewelery. For example, we often say crystal cup, crystal lamp, in fact, not made of natural crystal cups and lamps, but the synthetic glass, the glass because of the addition of metal elements, some aspects of the performance of natural glass has improved.

One of the most typical examples is some of the main brands selling crystal jewelry, the material is actually lead glass, because of the addition of lead, so it is particularly bright. The brand’s crystal is the best diamond, cutting excellent, bright dazzling.

Only in the market when the merchants will blur the concept, people mistakenly believe that this is a natural crystal, or even a real diamond.

What is broken diamond? Drill is diamond?

Broken diamond is by no means a diamond, but a real diamond. In general, broken diamonds are diamonds that are below 10 points (0.1 carats) and are often used as ornaments for upscale jewels to set off masonry or create unique shapes.

Broken diamond inlaid rose shape necklace pendants

Drilling is not broken diamonds, it is only small particles. For inlaid broken diamonds single and double diamonds and foot drill. Diamondbacks have 17-18 sections, while the foot-drill is the same as the big diamond, with 57-58 sections. So even broken diamonds, but also a complete diamond, not, as many people think, is the broken edge of more than expected.

Foot anti-drilling section, the same with large diamonds

You may think it will be worthless to hear the diamonds, but this is only the case of relatively large diamonds. The price of broken diamonds is much higher than many materials. The most important thing is, of course, there will not be a single small piece of drilling high prices, but the broken diamonds are generally used for group jewelry set mosaic, all need high magnification microscope artificial mosaic, the process cost is not low, the amount is also very Large, mosaic costs over 10,000 is very common.

Therefore, the diamond-studded group of jewelry set by the price is definitely not so many people think it is not worth the money, it is with the diamond is a bad day, the two confused, it is likely to eat a big loss.

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What is zircon? Zircon is diamond and broken diamond?

Zircons may be the most precious stones in the world. Do not know when to begin, people began to like all the diamonds are called zircon, that diamonds are counterfeit diamonds, diamond synonymous with the moment they heard the zircon left the shaking his head.

But what most people do not know is that zircon is actually a very good natural gem, which is better gemstones than many popular gems. It is such a gem that should be sought after by a man, but it has become a “passing mouse.”

Why zircon will become everyone’s mouth “diamond” synonymous with it? Because in the previous years, the most commonly used counterfeit diamonds on the market were synthetic cubic zirconia, commonly known as Soviet diamonds. It is a synthetic material that can be synthesized in a variety of colors, the hardness and fire color are very close to the diamond.

This material, known as diamond counterfeiters, is widely known to consumers, but the name Cubic Zirconia is too long to be called “zircon.” As time passes, “Zircon” has become synonymous with all imitation diamonds, and its appearance as a natural gem in everyone’s sight has diminished. Even when everyone heard it as “Zircon,” they firmly believed that Is the diamond.

In fact, zircon is a natural product of nature with a hardness of 6-7.5, comparable to many popular gems. Common colors are yellow, brown, red, blue, etc., shiny diamond gloss to shiny glass. Dispersion value of 0.038, this value put a lot of gems are “stepped on at the foot,” so the strong dispersion is a major highlight of zircon. The cut zircon looks full of fire, not even inferior to the light of the diamond.


So now you understand that zircon is not a diamond counterfeit goods, nor is it a diamond, but another natural gem. Only because of some historical reasons and people’s common name, will be wronged.

If you want to summarize the characteristics of the few of them, that is, the use of diamond jewelry and large area decoration, broken diamonds are used for jewelry, zircon is another gem, and diamonds, diamonds and nothing directly related.

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So next time you buy jewelry and jewelry, you should know who they are. Also do not think diamond jeweled group jewelry set worthless, any one jeweler, to hear this sentence really is heartbreaking.