Medical Apparel Brand Incorporates Wearers’ Needs Into Fashionable And Functional Scrubs

antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant

(Keywords: antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant)

Using a rich consumer feedback process, FIGS offers sanitary clothing that is antimicrobial, fashionable and practical, specially designed for consumers’ needs like convenient places for smartphones

Although many health professionals work with the latest technology, they often have to do so in ill-fitting and impractical scrubs. The majority of sanitary clothing designs are made from stiff fabric that is held together by drawstrings. The American company FIGS aims to improve upon this by offering a option that is both fashionable and functional.

FIGS was co-founded by Trina Spear and Heather Hasson, who began the company after revising a friend’s set of scrubs. Together, Spear and Hasson created scrubs from a stretch, antimicrobial fabric that is wrinkle-free. The scrubs are designed to merge comfort with style by having zippered pockets, elastic waists and trend-conscious silhouettes, even offering spots for wearers to place their stethoscopes or smartphones. All of these updates are responses to consumer needs that previous scrubs failed to fulfill.

antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant

Anti Bacteria /Deodorant

FIGS is a direct-to-consumer line and has a vertical supply chain that allows the company to act as both a manufacturer and seller. This differs from the average scrub company, which manufactures overseas and produces lower-quality products. The model FIGS has developed not only provides an aesthetically-appealing and functional product, but also aims to transform the sanitary clothing industry by responding to consumer demand and implementing their feedback.

antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant

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