Krewe of Mid-City thinks outside the box at bal masque

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The Krewe of Mid-City celebrated the wonder and surprise in the boxes at their 86th anniversary bal masque in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel.

But the krewe begged those in attendance “to go beyond the confines of those six-sided cubes … a ‘comedy tonight’ and contemplate the wonders that await as Mid-City thinks outside the box.”

Reigning as Queen Mid-City LXXXVI was Mrs. Patricia “Tish” Brasell Murray, wife of Mr. Alan John Murray. Her majesty’s gown was of dark silver French lace embellished with rhinestones. Her collar was a double-petal Medici collar with Alençon lace with rhinestone embellishment and aurora borealis teardrops. Each petal was trimmed with a specially designed French white lace with filigree rhinestone trim. Her mantle was of imported silver lamé trimmed in white ermine fur and tails. The central motif of “interlocking hearts” reflected the krewe’s crest. Her outfit was completed by a crown and scepter bearing the krewe’s crest fashioned of handset Austrian rhinestones.

King Mid-City LXXXVI wore a tunic costume of imported 24-carat silver with a French silk lace at the cuff. Embellished with silver appliqués and Austrian rhinestones, his regal attire was complete with crown and scepter in Austrian handset stones. His mantle matched in color and design of the queen.

The captain made his entrance in a tunic costume of silver brocade embellished with imported Austrian rhinestones and appliqués. His cape was finished with the crest. The captain wore a domed helmet of crystal beading and topped with eight white French curled plumes.

The officers made their entrance in costumes of the Carnival colors of purple, gold and green, with domed helmets with French curled plumes matching their costumes.

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Maids to her majesty were Mrs. Jennifer Armstrong Weathers, wife of Mr. Randy W. Weathers, depicting “Box Office Smash” in a royal purple gown. Miss Alyssa Denean Vega, daughter of Mr. Desi M. Vega and Ms. Denean G. LeBouef, exemplified “Ballerina In a Box,” highlighted in hot pink. Miss Claire Antoinette Bergeron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bergeron, represented “A Box Seat at the Opera,” lovely in a decadent teal costume and headdress. Miss Brianna Elizabeth Schmitt, daughter and stepdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Schmitt and stepdaughter and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Tufts, costumed as “BirdBox” in red livery and a black “blindfold.”

Junior maids of the royal court were Misses Saban McKay Murray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Cowie; and Maria Elizabeth Alzamora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alzamora. Junior duke of the royal court was Master Robert Alzamora, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alzamora.

Ladies-in-waiting to her majesty were Misses Emsley-Blake Paris Murray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cowie; Tatum Marie Sealy, daughter of Mr. Winston Sealy and granddaughter of the queen; and Reagan Swanner Yenni, daughter of Jefferson Parish President and Mrs. Michael S. Yenni.

Reigning as scepter princess was Miss Stella Rita Rabe, daughter of Mr. Erling P Rabé III and Ms. Jourdan Froeba.

Mr. John A. Tessitore served as general chairman. Serving as honorary vice general chairman was Mr. Yenni. Chairmen of the ball were Messrs. Robert A. Brown, Mark H. Hildreth, Dr. Jack Jacob, Dr. David M Mulnick, and Jack P. Rizzuto. Vice chairmen of the ball were Messrs. Nicholas J. Beninate Jr., Brett James Hildreth, Calvin C. Hoppmeyer Jr., Dr. Timothy A. Melancon and Barry P. Orillion. Aides to the captain were Mr. Michael J. Haydel Jr., Mr. Dennis R Coughlin Jr. and Miss Hensley Alaine Haydel.

Music for the ball was provided by Maestro B.J. Perez and the Orchestre de Carnival.

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