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1.  Before this popular game, Japan HIT-POINT studio in little-known in the country.

This is a 26-person game production company, headquartered in Nagoya, of which 15 people have long been in office in Kyoto.In the past 10 years, the company has produced 30 casual games and at least 10 have logged in the China App Store.

Unfortunately, unfinished casual games have failed to cater to the tastes of domestic players, and they are mostly short-lived, then submerged in the ocean of hand-travel. Only “cat backyard”, although it has set off a little “spray”, but with the “King of Glory” and other masterpieces compared to the proportion of players is very limited.

Perhaps the homogenization of the game is too rampant, perhaps the desire of the players can not be stimulated, into the 2018 after the casual game “waves” formed a “wave”, frog form swept the Chinese game market.

The creator of the giant wave is Uemura Murakami, head of a project team at HIT-POINT Studios, where both the “frog” and the “cat backyard” come from.

In a sense, this small team of just four people broke the established pattern of China’s mobile games.

The village itself also unexpected, the fate of a small team, will be completely rewritten by a frog.

In the past two months, thousands of Chinese emails have flooded the team’s mailbox. The letter can be divided into three categories: one is the Chinese players’ questions and demands, the most is “hope the game supports multiple languages”; the other is the Chinese media interview requirements, they are trying to explore this small production team, reveal the secret Frogs more mysteries; the third is the Chinese manufacturer’s proposal agency application, they would like to use the resources of the platform to gather players to achieve win-win situation.

2. The rhythm of the world

“We never thought it would be so popular in China,” said Uemura and his team members, who said the idea behind Traveling Frogs is travel.

On the village is a travel enthusiasts, each trip, the team can receive photos, will get travel souvenirs, but also to listen to him about the story of travel.

Because of this, the village team decided to develop a “waiting game.” He believes that the role of the player in the game is “waiting for travelers,” “This is the fun of travel, waiting for the mood is also happy.”

The game from concept to release, lasted up to 10 months. In the view of the village, this time is far more than expected, during the game specifications and design were adjusted several times, art has also been optimized.

At the beginning of the game release, “Traveling Frog” got a little popularity in Japan and gradually increased. Unexpectedly, the frog “crossed the sea” came to China, the fiery degree of second super Japan.

This makes the village feel a little confused, up to now, he also failed to find the “hot” accurate answer.

In his opinion, the main difference between Traveling Frogs and other mainstream games is that they are unsurpassed.

“We developed it to allow players to enjoy the game at their own pace without competition with others,” said Uemura. When the player prepares for the frog to travel, the frog will act on its own and the player will pass Mail to see the photos, to experience the world from the perspective of small animals, but also receive specialties or gifts. This behavior is very similar to human travel, revealing the feelings between people, “This relaxed and easy to get started, is its selling point; social platform and word of mouth, is its channel of communication.”

And this kind of struggle with the world, also reflected in the daily work of the village, “We have a pre-set timetable, four people have their own division of labor, work without disturbing each other, very peaceful and quiet.”

3. Help frog site selection fun

In addition to the specifications and the style of art, the selection of frogs in the travel destination is also very elegant.

These destinations are all from Japan’s real places of interest, ranging from the northeastern region of Japan to Kyushu. The team visited a large number of tourist brochures and made the main building into a postcard background. “This has increased our geographical knowledge and is very interesting, Perhaps also take this opportunity to go more places to go. ”

Currently, the village team is planning an update, they do not want to limit the frog’s destination in Japan, “let it go to more places to travel.”

At the same time, the team stressed that although the game will be developed in a broader direction, the basic system and game modes will not change. “We hope to keep updating so that users will enjoy playing our games online longer.”

For the domestic version of the cottage version of “travel frog”, the team did not elaborate, just stressed that “through the App Store and Google Play download the Japanese version of the two platforms, is genuine.”

As of now, Ms. Uemura’s team has already received applications for proposals from a number of Chinese companies. “However, we have not reached the stage of concrete negotiation on the relevant commercial terms, so we can not disclose which company we value more.”

Hot issues – experts explore

“Travel frogs” behind the hot triggered a series of hot issues: What kind of company the possibility of the game the most? Cottage piracy in violation of which laws and regulations? In this regard, Sina Technology interviewed stakeholders in different fields.

1. HIT-POINT rights in China will encounter pit?

“Chinese version of infringement of the HIT-POINT company’s distribution rights, translation rights and adaptation rights and other aspects of the copyright”, Beijing Capital Law Firm Li Hongzhi lawyers believe that without the express authorization of Japanese companies under the premise, either Chinese version or cottage Version, constitute an infringement.

HIT-POINT To defend rights, first of all, it can negotiate with the domestic mobile App platform operators to negotiate and supplement the “Copyright License Agreement” for “Travel Frogs” and allow the domestic operators to translate and adapt them. Secondly, the App Platform Operators cease infringement, apologize publicly to the company and issue an apology statement; finally, they can choose to prosecute the Chinese courts to defend their legal rights and interests in the event of infringement.

“But the prosecution process may encounter many difficulties,” said lawyer Lee said the first is the agent problem, HIT-POINT companies need to entrust a lawyer in China as their legal representative; the second is the object of prosecution and admissibility Court, and the third is the amount of actual loss and compensation. Given that the Chinese version of Travel Frog is a free version and there is no infringement of profits, HIT-POINT also determines reasonable actual damages and compensation The amount brings difficulties.

2. what kind of company agency the possibility of the most?

AURI game data division that the two recent red hot games were “travel frog” and “love and producer”, both of which are business games, but both from the operating mechanism and there are significant differences. Now alone these two games is still very difficult to assert that “develop a class game” can become the trend this year.

“Traveling Frog” seizes the fragmentation time and can cut into most communities well. “Some sites are especially strong in the second dimension, such as station B, which may have a higher degree of agreement.”

After the proxy for the realization of the mode, can be divided into two types: one is the game set up recharge mechanism for the player in exchange for privileges; the other is the IP mining, game manufacturers can dig around the IP to realize, such as licensing merchants to use portrait rights , Filming and launching hands-on.

3. the game reflects the hand travel market which trends?

“The game in the pursuit of gorgeous performance, but also pay attention to emotional resonance,” Xishan world vice president of operations Liao Hui believes that at present, the game market has been tired of the homogenization of the work, the game’s popular is to promote and encourage everyone to create Innovation. This year there will be brilliant works in the subdivision areas. While pursuing magnificent performance, we should pay more attention to obtaining the emotional resonance of users and respect the authenticity of simple and positive energy.

Tan Rui, a market analyst at IDC, said the “travel frog” reflects the current trend of three popular mobile games.

First, today’s hot games are shifting from traditional casual games to hardcore games. Casual games have started to evolve from a single category to gradual diversification. Second, social attributes have become an essential element in mobile games , Which is mainly reflected in two categories: one is the integration of social networking into the game mechanism, such as “king glory” and other hardcore games and “jumping” and other platform games bring their own competitive social; the second is ” Travel Frog “game, through the promotion of players in the social platform for interactive mapping, to enhance the sense of accomplishment and promotion of the game player. Third, Travel Frog is a light-weight game with a huge increase in downloads, which undoubtedly opens up more possibilities for other indie games studios on the market and also increases the enthusiasm of the R & D team in developing more innovative themes .

source: SINA

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