Fabergé launches new Dalliance timepiece

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Fabergé has unveiled The Dalliance GemAddict – the latest of Fabergé’s bespoke timepiece designs.

The Dalliance collection features a mechanical movement unique to Fabergé that sees the hands of the watch travel around the edge rather than the centre of the Grand Feu enamel face, creating a space where other watches place mechanics. The brand says the design allows for a centrepiece of a one carat gemstone.

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The Dalliance timepiece gemstone is a one carat diamond however the new design also allows the customer to choose their gemstone thanks to the brands link with Gemfields, the suppliers of responsibly sourced gemstones, with Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds also available.

Aurélie Picaud, timepieces director, said: “The Dalliance GemAddict is a jewellery watch for customers who are looking to carry a piece of art, beautifully executed with the highest level of craftsmanship, on their wrist.



Source : https://www.jewelleryfocus.co.uk/24618-faberge-launches-new-dalliance-timepiece