Automation, Sightseeing theme rammer

Nikkei Shimbun on the 28th reported that Japan’s market capitalization exceeded 1 trillion yen mark “trillion yen club” continued to increase the number of entrepreneurs to January 26 closing price, a total of 152 companies market value above 1 trillion yen, the number of households 29 more than a year ago, set a record high record, accounting for the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a whole listed companies accounted for 4%. The number of “trillion yen clubs” at the end of the year 1989 at the Nikkei 225 index hit a record high was 83, with June 2007 as the highest before the Lehman storm hit 111.

According to the report, among the Japanese companies newly crowded into the “Trillion Circle Club” list, the enterprises that benefit from factory automation and sightseeing enjoy the most remarkable achievements. Misumi Group’s market capitalization hit 1 trillion yen on January 17, the first since its listing in 1994. Misumi is a factory automation (Factory Automation, FA), wholesale distributor of mold parts, known as the “Amazon of the factory.” Yaskawa Electric, which seized the demand for robotic robots, hit a 1 trillion yen in autumn 2017.

In addition, in the sightseeing-related segment, the market value of cosmetics maker Pola Orbis Holdings surpassed 1 trillion won on January 22 and the market value of Kose exceeded its trillion in November 2017.

Although the number of “trillion yen clubs” in Japan has reached a record high, it still looks rather inferior to the United States and China. The number of U.S. market capitals has reached nearly 600 (NYSE and NASDAQ total), accounting for 14% of the total. China’s megaferg companies account for 4% of Japan’s total, though In terms of number of households, about 230 far exceed Japan.

Statistics released by Japan’s Department of Tourism on January 16 indicated that foreign visitor spending in Japan increased by 17.8% to 4,441.1 billion yen in 2017, surpassing the 4-trillion yen mark for the first time since the statistics began in 2010, Year hit a record high.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in 2017 increased by 19.3% to 28.69 million 609, setting a record high. The Japanese government aims to raise the number of foreign tourists going to Japan to 40 million by 2020 and its spending to 8 trillion yen.

source: MoneyDJ