A Dream Of Bitcoin Mine

Bitcoin staged a roller coaster market, regulatory winds tightened, mining “retail”, small mine owners leave, large miners plus return, some moved overseas. “We will still choose to relocate overseas, but the specific country or region has not decided yet.” Senior owner Xiao Xiao (a pseudonym) said: “It has become a trend that the domestic slightly larger mines are more or less Are considering this issue. ”

In early January 2018, it was reported that the Leading Group for Internet Financial Risks Special Remediation Office issued a document to rectify the news of illegal mines. Earlier, on the market, there was a saying that “the central bank held a closed-door meeting to require the shutdown of bitcoin mines within a certain period of time”. Although it was subsequently confirmed as false news, this has given practitioners a heart-warming plan.

According to media reports, on January 23 at the Davos Forum, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai said that China should step up its control over bitcoin. What will the bitcoin mine operators do under regulatory tighter regulations? What kind of plan do they have? “There may be a diversion in the industry.” According to Z-Mining, a seller of miners, “It is very likely that the small miners will gradually disappear and the Bitcoin industry will be severed by large miners.”

Some miners have started a “sea” plan.Small miners sell miners. Increased risk, “forget it, do not dream”. January 20, after thinking for a long time, Wu finally decided to sell 2 mines in his hand.

“No one knows what kind of policy decisions will be the next step.Great point of the miners does not matter, for our ‘self-employed’, digging coins difficult, and now the risk has gradually increased.” Wu Wu said helplessly, Forget it, not dreaming. ”

In November 2017, as the price of bitcoin in the domestic market soared, “mining” the growing army. Old Wu is one of the entrants. As early as 2014, Lao Wu began to get involved in bitcoin. At the time, his access to bitcoin was bought from the market. However, the soaring Bitcoin prices, as well as the craze for mining, so that Wu could not sit still. In mid-November of last year, he spent 40,000 yuan to purchase 2 mines and began digging mines.

During that time, Wu every day in the group and mine friends to exchange mining experience and market conditions, record how much bitcoin dig their own day. “There were thousands of messages every day in the 500-person exchange group, and everyone was doing their bitcoin dream,” Lao Wu said.What caught him off guard was that in January 2018 three months later, a piece of news let him have not had time to dig his fortune and the dream was crushed.

According to media reports, on January 2, the leading group for Internet financial risk special rectification work issued a document requiring all localities to guide the enterprises under their jurisdiction to withdraw from the mining business in an orderly manner and regularly report the progress of work. There is also news that Erdos Internet financial risk special rectification leading group released “on guiding our region virtual currency” mining “orderly exit of the enterprise notice.”

“Although these requirements should be directed at the large-scale mines in various places, they have also alerted the small number of miners and small miners in their hands.” According to Lao Wu, “Now that the self-employed people are mining, It is not meaningful.”

Lao Wu found that mining is not as easy as their own imagination. 2 ore miner 24 hours a day non-stop operation, so far failed to dig a bitcoin. Lao Wu counted the pen: He used the power of 1350 watts of mining machines, running 24 hours per day, you can dig up 0.0018 bitcoin calculation, the successful digging out of a bitcoin is about 556 days. According to the power of 1000 watts per hour with about 1 degree of electricity, mining machine daily power consumption of 32.4 degrees. The daily cost of electricity is about 16.8 yuan, the cost of successfully digging a bitcoin is about 9367 yuan.

“This is only electricity, you have to ensure that the mine installed graphics card does not fail, otherwise the cost will increase.” Wu said electricity costs account for 70% of mining costs, the other 30% from mining machine loss, manpower Cost and so on. According to this calculation, the cost of successfully digging a bitcoin is about 13,000 yuan.

According to January 24 Coinbase quotation, each bitcoin price is still above 70,000 yuan. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance data, miners will still be able to make money even if bitcoin prices fall to $ 6925 in the future.”Mining certainly still has a huge profit margin, but small households may gradually leave.” Lao Wu said.

Reporters found that individual miners and miners who own a small number of miners usually choose to trade the first time after they have dug them out. However, due to the fluctuation of the price of the currency, the price fluctuated up and down. At the same time, the sparse number of mining machines led to the prolonged digging of the coin, which may also be affected by the prevailing policy.

January 20, Beijing News reporter found in a number of second-hand platforms, recent time on the bitcoin mining machine, motherboard and video card trading posts increased. In bitcoin players QQ group, micro-channel group, from time to time someone pop-up “shot mine machine, interested private chat” message. In the well-known second-hand mine trading site “Choi Wan bit”, the reporters found that after the mining market, the main models are now sold in the second-hand platform by many sellers.

“Out of 25 units shipped S7,4800 yuan each, to the speed of contact.” A dealer Anshan, Liaoning post trading placard. This ants S7 mine, popular in 2017 when the mining hot, second-hand price at 5000-8000 yuan, many players are considered mining artifact. However, a buyer replied at the bottom of the message, “Now you price is too high, not good out, 2000 can contact.”

Reporters on the site saw a number of self-used S7 for sale information, the number of units sold in dozens of more. Insiders told reporters that mining machine chip is the core factor determining the quality of mining machines, foreign mining machine manufacturers have been unable to compete with the domestic mining machine. Ant miner has long been the most popular on the market, but also the most difficult to buy mine machine.

Litecoin cash technology director Miao can be said that the ant miner S9 ex-factory price of about 16,000 yuan, due to the difficult to order, the market price of second-hand has risen to 28,000 yuan. Similar to the ants, Avalon, including the mainstream mining machine, are currently in short supply state. “The miners need to pay the miners fees three months in advance to get the miners at their normal selling prices. If they want to get the spot, they can only pay an additional double the price.”

However, the reporter found that this mining machine several times in the secondary trading platform, the price from 24,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan range. “Many small miners out of the risk considerations, would rather sell at a low price also want to leave.” Wu explained. A large number of second-hand mining machine emerged, leading to the decline in market prices. Many miners will be graphics cards, motherboards and other accessories removed separately sold.

In several bitcoin QQ group, the reporter found that in addition to users transfer mining machine, there are selling motherboards, video card news. Reporter to “hardware vendors” identity, contact a sales video card users “kiki”, according to its introduction, there are 20 cards in their hands, are from just over a month with the mining machine removed, Can be packaged below the market price of 20% of the price of the transfer.

“Now the second-hand graphics and motherboards on the market too much, the basic card are mine.” A computer hardware vendors said, “Many small miners can not sell in the case of miners, choose to sell a single copy back and forth. “January 21, the reporter in the second-hand platform “free fish” to “motherboard mine”, “video card mine” to search, can pop up a lot of vendors selling mining graphics and motherboards.

Computer commercial machine to sell mine.Small customers began to disappear, large customers continue to increase.Z mobile phone while the old shock, an old customer sent him a message: “Come back 2 mines, or the old configuration.” The so-called old configuration, the old Z hands a loaded 6 1070 graphics card, priced at 40,000 yuan mine machine. Due to the excellent power performance, many old customers will choose when buying.

“This customer has bought me more than 10 mines here.” The old Z arranges his staff to transfer goods and explains to reporters: “Usually small miners will not buy too many mines in the first place, and most of them Is the first purchase of one or two test results, see the real benefits, and then continue to add.

March 2017, the old Z engaged in computer hardware sales found that many peers began to transform and sell mining machines. A look, and found that with the soaring price of bitcoin, more and more people began to purchase mining machine, engaged in mining at home, “digging coins” to life. Let him heart is that in today’s computer hardware sales market, competitive, less profitable trend, mining machine has a huge potential market, while profits are relatively higher than a lot.

The introduction of the old Z, now a 3000 ~ 5000 mainstream configuration of the computer, the profit is only two or three hundred dollars. A 20,000 yuan mining machine, profit at least 1,000 yuan up and down. Soon, the old Z started in their familiar customer WeChat group, QQ group and other platforms issued a “mine sales” publicity. He will own assembly and sales of mining machine, the price set at 20,000 ~ 4 million. “In fact, there is no technical difficulty in assembling the miner.Maximum factor determining the power of the miner, is the video card.” The introduction of the old Z, he will be 40,000 yuan grade mine configuration is relatively high-end 1070 graphics card.

Calculated power refers to the speed of mining, which is the ability to dig bitcoin, the higher the calculated power, the more digging bitcoin, the higher the return. “This configuration can calculate the power to reach 270 ~ 280 trillion.According to the current bitcoin market calculation, buckle the electricity, the daily mining income of about 200 yuan of net profit.” The old Z said.

In January 2018, the news of the closure of the mine was heard. Old Z found that many of his own customers were gradually disappearing. Even many customers who previously purchased the miner also tentatively asked him if he could recover the miner. Quotes changed? Old Z was once ready to stop mine sales, business core back to the computer hardware. However, he soon discovered that there are still many big clients who seem to have not been affected at all, but instead purchase additional mines.

“The impact of the policy on practitioners certainly, but not so much imagined, or look at the size of miners.” The analysis of the old Z said, “The pressure of small miners with only 1 or 2 miners in their hands is certainly large; However, the number of miner more than 20 miners, in fact, have not been much affected.

Old Z explained that the reason why miners with a certain size of mining are unaffected is that many miners have already earned the miners’ costs long before the policies were issued. On the one hand, while holding the market to wait and see, but also try to transfer to overseas markets for trading.

“The current business is not affected much.” The old Z said, “Many big miners have been constantly additional to buy recently.Even a lot of people spotted the moment, with a lower price from the secondary market to purchase mines Machine, continue mining. ”

Large miners return and return.Invest a billion, earn more than 30 million coins a month.Xiao Jiuang (pseudonym), who once made his exit in 2013, re-started the “mine” business last year.As a senior domestic mine owner, Xiao long started in 2009 bitcoin industry.

“An ordinary machine was able to dig more than 10 bitcoins a day, but the price was very low and a dime could buy more than 30 bitcoins.” Xiaoji said he found one of the great prospects, From September to October 2009, bitcoin prices skyrocketed, reaching a maximum of 700% a day. While holding 100,000 Xiao bitcoin and Xiao team, “accidental” earned the first 10 million yuan.

Really make him sustainable profitability, is the development and sales of mining machine. During that time, Xiao long and the team members will be the first 10 million yuan, out of 600 million to develop chip hardware, which lasted six months, in March 2010 successfully designed a dig bitcoin machine.

May 2010, Xiao long team mining at the same time began to sell mine machines, “At that time each cost more than 10,000 yuan, while the price of 300,000 yuan, each sales member can raise 100,000 yuan each, both Sell ​​crazy. ”

Mining machine huge profits, so that time Xiao Xiao team profits have reached 10 million yuan a month, almost daily can be recorded 300,000 yuan. “At that time a total of two or three billion yuan, more than 30 teams, each of the core members can be divided into two or three million.”

The crisis is coming soon. The end of 2012, Xiaoge decided to develop the second generation of mining machine, but he soon found that at this time there are several from the United States mining machine R & D team admission, and their own cost 15 million yuan designed mine efficiency is only 1 / 20.

“I immediately decided not to do it,” Xiao said.Desperate Xiao Xiao, in May 2013, with a cash of more than 30 million cash to leave, return to the hardware industry.After leaving, Xiaojiu was involved in the Taiwanese coin market in 2014, and even set up an etheric coinage mine, but bitcoin never met again.Transfer from 2017. A technical friend developed a software that can remotely monitor 5,000 mines at the same time. Xiao long, decided to gamble.

In early June 2017, he decided to raze all the cards owned by a certain e-commerce platform in the country. “I swept over 13,000 cards at that time.” Not only that, he also swept 15,000 cards on other channels. 20 days time, nearly 1 billion investment funds, equipped with 4000 miner to build bitcoin mines.Xiao Ji will all 28,000 of this video card used in mining, but at the same time he found that the number of graphics cards in the market decline, so that graphics card prices soared. After a brief consideration, he decided to sell some of the graphics cards.

“At that time, the pressure of one hundred million yuan of funds was too great, so I decided to dig out the cards on the side of the mine and promptly return the funds.” During that time, the mine brought a return of more than 30 million yuan to Xiao-miao every month. “We initially thought we would go back to this book in 6 months and 11 days, but the price of bitcoin rose so fast that it successfully repaid over 70 million yuan in just 17 days in 2 months.””Now the mine owners are divided into three categories.” Xiao long analysis said the impact of this policy is bound to have some impact on the first two categories, but the third category will be withdrawn.

He explained that nowadays the level of digging coins is divided into three types: the hands of holders of one or 120 or even one or two hundred miners, the small miners, are simply digging and digging how much to be dumped. The second level is the hands of 500 to 1000 miners miners. People at this level will choose whether to store bitcoin or sell it immediately, based on market conditions.

Xiao Xiao told reporters that 2017 is regarded as an eruption of the bitcoin universal craze. As of May 2017, it is a watershed in the industry. Prior to the industry few individual investors, but as the soaring price of the currency, retail investors gradually increased. More importantly, fund companies from regions such as Singapore and Germany began to intervene to allow bitcoin to trade in the futures market.

“The third level is usually the miners with thousands or even tens of thousands of miners on hand, which typically begin to appear in 2017 and are increasingly involved in the perimeter of bitcoin while digging Out of the futures .This group of people usually have a coin in their hands, but generally not throw.At the same time in order to prevent the fall in the price of the currency, often hedging in the capital market, thus avoiding the risk and obtain greater benefits. Bitcoin to strengthen regulation? Some bitcoin mines “go to sea”.

source: tech.163.com

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