When the cyclist encountered Google unmanned vehicles

Google unmanned vehicles have road tests in the United States, so far there have not been too much unexpected situation. However, unmanned vehicles may be able to judge the route of the car, the traffic conditions, and the stop of traffic lights. However, can unmanned vehicles make the right judgments if they encounter cyclists who are free to ride on the road?

A netizen named Oxtox, who posted a paragraph of his personal experience at a cycling forum abroad, said he had been on the road with Google’s unmanned car.

“A few weeks ago, a Lexus-refitted Google unmanned vehicle came near my home for road testing, and today, as I was riding home, I found that the Google drones were open and it stopped in front of the crossroads Come down, then my bike is parked next to me. ”

Here to explain that, in the Oxtox and Google unmanned vehicles the design of this intersection. In the non-downtown areas of the United States, there will be such a crossroads without traffic lights, when the car here, you must first stop to observe whether there is a car around to confirm the safety before moving on.

About a second after Oxtox stopped at the intersection, the Oxtox rode next to the unmanned vehicle. The Cavaliers wanted unmanned vehicles to pass before, so he used “stick” technology: keeping the bike in balance by constantly stepping around.

However, the unmanned vehicle apparently sensed the Oxtox beside it (GoPro over the unmanned vehicle). As a result, UAV stopped for a few seconds and seemed to think that Oxtox did not move, so judge the surroundings and start moving forward. However, when the UAV came forward, Oxtox stopped for about an inch of movement by keeping balance and as a result UAV sensed the movement around him.

Oxtox continues to stand still, UAV stays motionless, and when UAV is about to go forward, Oxtox shuffles again to keep the bike in balance and UAV stops …As a result, unmanned vehicles and Oxtox so deadlocked at this junction for two minutes, unmanned vehicles and Oxtox have no way to pass this crossroads.

Oxtox described he was sitting in front of two people in an unmanned car. Both of them were laughing and televised, busy typing on the laptop, guessing the code was being modified or the current status was recorded.

As for Oxtox himself, he said that although the situation looks funny, it seems that no one is stupid, but in fact, he believes that unmanned vehicles are far safer than human-driven cars and at least no unmanned vehicles will not be miscarried He clashed.

Google also expressed its opinion on the incident. They said that this is the “bug” that the UAV really expects to encounter during the road test. Because there are so many things in the real world that can not be expected in the laboratory, only through these practical experiences can the unmanned vehicle future be amended to be more perfect.

source from:  techbang.com

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