Vivo NEX in China


Recently, the vivo NEX is red in China because of its lifting lens, but the reason for the red may also be out of the expectation of the vivo, because the lifting lens will not be a design ingenuity, nor a picture quality, but it It was regarded as a “rogue software detector” by Chinese netizens.

Every time a program needs to use a camera, the NEX’s pre-action is to raise the lens. Therefore, if you want to use the camera, it is natural to raise the lens, but many netizens find that even if you don’t use the camera, but use other programs, NEX actually raises the camera, which is a bit strange.

The netizen found that as soon as you open a QQ browser to view a specific web page, the shot will suddenly rise suddenly.

Some netizens said that this is simply “When you stare at the webpage, the webpage is also staring at you.”

The QQ browser team explained that in order for the browser to use some functions (such as scanning QR Code), the W3C specification has a front-end standard interface navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices() to obtain lens permissions for subsequent use. This is a web page that calls this function and does not open the lens. The lens does not do any shooting or collecting user information, and does not infringe any privacy of the user.

Although the QQ team said that the rise of the explanation lens does not mean sneak shots, there are still many netizens who have doubts. After all, when the other browsers are used, how can the lens not rise?

In addition to watching you, there are input methods to secretly help you record
Vivo NEX has not only caught this problem, but recently Chinese netizens found that when using Baidu input method to search, without any operation, the top notification bar of vivo NEX actually displays the message “Baidu input method is recording”. Will ask the user if they want to ban.

This is also an unexpected thing. I clearly use the input method. Why do you want to record? Questioning netizens, Baidu also responded, still said that this is a misunderstanding.

According to Baidu, this is because they can start voice input faster for users who might use voice input methods. They designed the “warm-up” function, which is to pre-activate the voice microphone, and “prepare” to make the user faster. use. It’s just unfortunate that Baidu’s action made Vivo NEX “mistaken” to start recording, but it didn’t.

In accordance with established practice, Baidu has once again stated that Baidu will not record without the user’s consent and will not collect user information by any means.

The statements of the two companies can be said to be almost identical, and they all explain how intimate they are, thus causing a misjudgment of Vivo NEX. Then add the phrase “No XX will be collected without user consent, and no user information will be collected by any means.”

In any case, vivo NEX still puts some pressure on them, like QQ said it will improve, hoping to make users feel uneasy. Baidu also said that it will optimize the voice function. Before solving the problem, the worried user can manually turn off the scene voice function.


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