Two photos reveal disgusting reality behind ‘romantic’ wedding photos

Behind every wedding photo there’s a story.

Not just about how the lucky couple met and fell in love – but about the extraordinary and, frankly, bizarre lengths some photographers have to go to get that money shot.

The elegantly constructed and beautifully executed finished product are only half the story.

Behind the scenes, wedding photographers and their assistants are toiling away to make as special and unique a photo opportunity as possible.

We hope, for this photographer’s sake, this image takes pride of place in this couple’s home.

Because here’s what really happens behind the lens vs. what we get to see.
Rom Celano, a wedding photographer from Vietnam, has given us this amazing insight into what he finds himself doing to get that perfect wedding photo.

Yes, that is a man having to spit copious amounts of water out of his mouth so it can a) catch the light and b) be captured on film as it does.
It speaks volumes about Rom’s talent that the resulting image looks like a couple caught in a romantic rainshower – rather than effectively being spat over.

How we would love to see this at a wedding.