Travel frog officially enters China


This is not April Fool’s joke. After countless imitation Chinese versions, the genuine “Travelling Frogs” (Travelling) may soon be launched in China. On April 2nd, Alibaba Group announced a strategic cooperation with the Japanese game company Hit-Point, which was authorized by Hit-Point to distribute exclusive “Travel Frogs” in China. This means that the elder sons who have had so many old mothers’ hearts are going to China.

Hit-Point is a Japanese game development company established in 2007. Before the Travelling Frogs went online, the previously released Cat Collection was also a phenomenon-level product. This cooperation with Alibaba Group is the first time to cooperate with a Chinese company and it is the first time that its products have entered China.

Travel Frog is a placement game that Hit-Point launched on the end of 2017. The innovative gameplay of “Buddhist Frog Raising,” and the “moderate, casual and non-injurious” game approach won popularity among players in the Chinese circle and has received a lot of attention since the end of 2017.

Although there is no Chinese version of the game itself, the total number of downloads of the “Travel Frog” iOS China still exceeds 30 million. The total UGC content generated on Weibo-related topics exceeds 2 billion, and related popular terms such as “Yong Son” and “Old Mother” have been created, becoming a phenomenon-level product that spans age, gender, and different preferences.

For this cooperation, Ali’s official announcement stated that: As the first mobile game to be placed in Ali Games, the “Fun Frog” game of “leisure and happiness” matches the brand philosophy of “Give happiness to everyone” in Ali Games. It is hoped that the player will be able to enjoy the pleasure brought by the game, but not tied to the gameplay, the time will be completely linked to the game. In addition, the spirit of advocating for the courage to explore, love life and considerate family is also in line with the Alibaba Group philosophy.

Genuine arrival not only allows major players to enjoy games without language barriers, but may also receive postcards from Chinese tourist attractions. It is worth mentioning that in the future, players may also be able to buy related genuine peripheral products.

Ali’s official sources revealed that as the only authorized business partner of Travel Frog China, Ali Fish will launch full-channel cooperation around commercialization authorization, marketing authorization, and space authorization to grasp the opportunities of the new retail trend. At the same time, Alifish will cooperate with the traveling frog copyright holders to promote international cooperation and help Japanese brands to search for cooperation opportunities and expand markets in China. In addition, Ali Fish will provide full-channel services for IP copyright owners and Ali ecosystem partners, focusing on content commercialization.


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