Tokyo, the strongest snow in 4 years!

Japan’s Kanto region, heavy snowfall, the two major airports connected to Tokyo were greatly affected, Narita Airport closed because of the two runways, the flight to be landed can only be transferred to other airports, Haneda Airport because of heavy snow, the same canceled more than 300 Domestic flights, a total of more than 30,000 people were affected last night, more than 9,000 people stranded Narita Airport overnight.

Integrated with Japanese media, Narita Airport yesterday closed the runway for snow removal, a total of 142 flights grounded, about 9,000 people stranded at the airport overnight, but also on the plane waiting for 2 hours after being invited to the plane. According to statistics, just Japan’s two major airlines Japan Airlines and All Nippon Tau on the 22 total to cancel the domestic line 226 flights, 37 international flights, about 27,800 people affected the trip, today (23) there are still more than 50 flights OK to stop flying.

The accumulated snow mass in Tokyo reached 23 centimeters, reaching a peak at 10 o’clock last night. The previous heavy snowfall in Tokyo was in February 2014 and the snowfall was again issued in 4 years.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, at present, the cumulative amount of snow in the Kanto region is 25 cm for Fukushima City, 24 cm for Utsunomiya and Maebashi, 21 cm for Tokyo Metropolitan Area, 18 cm for Sendai, 17 cm for Minamata and 15 cm for Yokohama.

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