Thoth has a ball because ‘That’s The Way We Roll’

The Krewe of Thoth reveled at their 71st annual Carnival ball Saturday at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

The pageant for “the biggest little krewe in Carnival” was titled “That’s The Way We Roll.” The unusual theme of the ball was a playful examination of wordplay on the many ways the word “roll” is described in popular parlance. The ornate set depicted an outdoor setting of a massive colonnade with burnt orange-colored columns descended from decorative entablature adorned with garlands as a fitting backdrop for the affair.

Reigning as queen was Miss Erin Foley Bowen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Bowen.

Maids to her majesty were Missess Sydney Alexandra Blue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelo E. Blue IV; Allison Leigh Bucher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Bucher; Ashley Grace Heller, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Heller Jr.; Paris Alyssa Prince, daughter of Mrs. Melissa Tofaro Prince and the late Mr. Richard W. Prince; Samantha Robyn Russo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Russo; Abby Elizabeth Schexnaydre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Schexnaydre; Isabella Bean Welsh, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. David A. Welsh; and Emily Elizabeth White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otey L. White III.

Ladies in waiting were Misses Taylor Grace Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Allen; Miss Madelynn Elizabeth Dallimore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David A. Dallimore Jr.; Naomi Aglipay Delio, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David P. Delio; Eliza Alexandra Didriksen, daughter of Mr. Caleb H. Didriksen and Ms. Sondra Brown; Hollis Catherine Henry, daughter of Mr. Benson L. Henry and Dr. Gwen Corbett Henry; Drew Avery Laughlin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Laughlin; Ryan Adeline McIntyre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William L. McIntyre; Ainsley Mae Pizzaloto, daughter of Mr. Geoffrey C. Pizzaloto and Ms. Leah Poelman; Gabriella Ann Valentino, daughter of Mr. Dean J. Valentino and Ms. Stephanie Meyaski Valentino; and Evangeline Rose Wendt, daughter of Mrs. Catherine Williamson Wendt and the late Mr. Richard P. Wendt.

Junior maids were Misses Madison Clare Beckmann, daughter of Mr. Robert M. Beckmann Jr. and Mrs. April B. Meric; Eleanor Mae and Lucy Thomann Degan, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Degan; Grace Genevieve Fontenot, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Fontenot; Sarah Anne Homburg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Homburg; Caroline Kelly Macaluso, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Eric M. Macaluso; Catie Lorraine Maheu, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Maheu; Emma Lynn Mandella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Mandella; Regan Virginia Manning, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Manning; Abigail Alice Meyaski, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grenes J. Meyaski II; Abby Jane Tarleton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Tarleton; and Grace Catherine Wallace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Wallace.

The royal pages in his majesty’s court were Masters Scott Morelock Gottsche Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gottsche; and Evan Cole Welsh, son of Dr. and Mrs. Welsh.

Pages to the queen were Masters Andrew Alan Carroll, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Carroll; and Grenes Joseph Meyaski III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Meyaski II.

The queen made a spectacular entrance in a classic sheath gown of gold imported Rhodia silk trimmed in gold and Austrian rhinestones. It featured original rhinestone appliqués with rhinestone trim. Her collar was covered in lace and trimmed in Austrian rhinestones. Her mantel had an Egyptian motif — all jeweled with brilliance. Her jewelry was of handset stones, created for her. Her jeweled crown and scepter were of matching design.

King Thoth LXXI wore an Imperial-styled tunic of gold imported Rhodia silk, trimmed in gold and featuring original rhinestone appliqués matching that of the queen. His matching gold and white mantel featured the same design motif as that of the queen.

His crown and scepter were also of exclusive design and matched that of her majesty.

The captain wore a traditional-style tunic costume of gold silk trimmed in rhinestones. The front of the tunic was accented with original rhinestone applique designs. His floor-length cape featured a standing collar adorned in Austrian-stone designs. A traditional Mardi Gras rhinestone dome with white fantasia plumes completed his attire.

Maids of the royal court wore gowns of varying colors representing a diverse set of phrases or descriptions culled from pop culture, which included “Rolling Dice in Vegas,” “Sushi Rolls,” “Rolling Out the Red Carpet,” “Rock and Roll,” “Rolling Cuban Cigars,” “Rolling Down the River,” “Rolling at the Indy 500” and “Roll Wave” in honor of Tulane University.

The officers were bedecked in costumes of burnt orange silk trimmed in gold with rhinestones and wore elaborate headdresses with matching fantasia plumes. The ladies-in-waiting wore off-white gowns adorned with pearled, iridescent sequined lace, Austrian rhinestones and trimmed with a gold sash. Junior maids were dressed in white silk taffeta A-line dresses with rhinestones adorning the necklines, complemented with a sash of burnt orange silk.

Music for the tableaux was provided by David Hansen’s Garden District Jazz Orchestra.

Army Lt. Col. Robert A. Brown, retired, served as general chairman of the ball, while vice chairman was Mr. Wayne M. Lee. Chairmen were Messrs. Philip Fricano Jr., Mark Hildreth, Dr. Jack Jacob, Chris A. Lea, Dr. David M. Mulnick, Sam T. Scandaliato, Sam Z. Scandaliato and Michael Yenni.