The robot has a security hole and bursts into the mouth and asks for bitcoins


Pepper and NAO are humanoid robots developed by Japan’s Softbank Robotics. Commercial applications have begun in Japan, such as greeting shoppers at mall stores. However, the United States Information Security Company pointed out that the Pepper robot is vulnerable to invasion, the hackers can remotely control the robot, and even make it infected with ransomware. Infected robots will yell in front of guests, “Beat me Bitcoin.” They will also burst their mouths and destroy the company’s corporate image.

IOActive, an American security company, pointed out that the robots such as Pepper and NAO have loopholes and are vulnerable to hacking and ransacking ransomware to make the entire robot useless. In order to confirm their discovery, IOActive special demonstrations attack an NAO robot. The robot will suddenly say in a different voice: “I need bitcoins! I love bitcoins! Give me bitcoins or you’re going to die. A look at you is like a big illusion!”

IOActive has repeatedly pointed out that robots have multiple loopholes. They contacted Softbank Robotics in January 2017. However, Softbank Robotics has not yet fixed loopholes. Therefore, IOActive Company simply made a ransomware to demonstrate the possibility of the robot being invaded. The company pointed out that they use the unpublished remote operation function to remotely execute code on the robot, change the settings of the robot, and allow the robot to receive images and sounds that can be transmitted to the outside. In addition, the hacker can also destroy the host reset function of the robot, so that the user cannot install the ransom software, nor can he reinstall the system.

IOActive means that if these robots are used to accommodate guests, if robots are implanted with adult content or if they are unreasonably aggressive, they will damage the corporate image. IOActive refers to these vulnerabilities not only in Pepper, NAO robots, but also in robots. Some industrial robots, such as being invaded, will suddenly make abnormal movements or damage the equipment. They appeal to robot manufacturers to face this problem.


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