The Internet has been broken for more than 20 minutes because of an abnormal Hinet device


The netizens reported that the Internet was shocked after the break in the afternoon. According to Chunghwa Telecom, around 3 pm, due to abnormalities in some HiNet network equipment, the Internet in some parts of the northern, central and southern regions could not be accessed. It was at 3:22 pm One after another repair.

Some netizens reported that this afternoon, the Internet was disconnected, and many websites had official website hang-ups. Some netizens questioned whether Chunghwa Telecom’s network was out.

Chunghwa Telecom said today that around 3 o’clock this afternoon, due to abnormalities in some HiNet network equipment, the internet in some parts of northern, central and southern areas could not be accessed. The emergency repairs were completed at 3:22 pm, affecting the time. About 20 minutes.Chunghwa Telecom apologized for the inconvenience caused to some users.

source: hinet

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