The Astronaut Starman

According to foreign media reports, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that the fake astronaut Starman on the Heavy Falcon rocket and his Tesla sports car sent the last selfie from Earth orbit. They will eventually leave Earth’s orbit and fly beyond the solar system.

Musk posted this photo on Instagram. Many people think this is the best picture of Starman last minute before it runs out. At yesterday’s news conference, Musk has said that in the end this weird live broadcast will end.

He said: “From the beginning of launch, the battery probably lasts for 12 hours. After that, it will go deep into space for several million years, or billions of years. Perhaps the aliens will find this Things, and the reaction will probably be: “What are they doing? Are they adoring this car? Why is there a model in the car?”

The outside world is not clear when Starman loses contact with the ground. But this is a fun time when the Starman battery is on. Some questioned Musk, saying he had turned the launch into a public relations gimmick for both companies. But Musk said that doing so is purely fun.

He said: “It’s silly and fun, but it’s also important. In space, this is an ordinary car. I like silly ideas. Usually they launch a piece of concrete or something that’s boring . ”

Starman and Tesla cars will continue to move outside the solar system. They will cross the orbit of Mars and enter the asteroid belt. They may hit the asteroid. However, if the angle is appropriate, it is also possible to avoid such a “death collision.”

But for Starman, this is still very far away. It may take tens or even hundreds of years before the real danger is encountered.

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