Tesla will stop working to modify Model 3 production line

Model 3

Reuters quoted informed sources as saying that Tesla’s California plant will be suspended for six days (May 26-31) at the end of May in order to overcome bottlenecks in the Model 3 production line.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confessed that the automation of the Model 3 production line was too complicated. Musk had previously stated that it would suspend work for 10 days to correct the production line, hoping to reach the goal of producing 6,000 cars per week by the end of June.

Recently, Musk stated to the company’s employees in an internal letter that the daily output of the Model 3 has reached 500 units, and the converted output is 3,500 units per week. Compared with the 2,000 units produced in the Model 3 week last month, the company has made significant progress, but still Did not meet the requirements of Musk.

Well-known science and technology analyst Gene Munster pointed out that the suspension of the Model 3 production line is not only a bad thing, but also evidence of a better situation. He is optimistic about Tesla’s upcoming new production technology and believes that work stoppages are necessary. (CNB)

In addition, Munster expressed no concern that Tesla’s high-level supervisors had recently retired one after another. Tesla closed down 2.67% on Tuesday, reporting $284.18.

source: Tesla

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