Tesla re-emerged at the top, and the stock price fell 2.3%


Tesla rushed to work day and night, although in the last week of the second quarter barely reached the Model 3 mass production target, but the high-level executives left the problem is still not resolved. According to Tesla’s filings, Chief Engineer Doug Field left the company last week after the long vacation.

Field was given the Model 3 assembly task more than a year ago, but due to the delay in reaching the mission, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over the fire line in April, and Field took time off to recharge.

Tesla issued a statement on the afternoon of 2nd to confirm that Field has resigned and thanked Field for his contribution to the company for nearly five years.

In the past few years, Tesla’s senior executives have left the company one after another. Field is the latest one. Before that, he also has the head of the automatic assisted driving system, Jim Keller, and the vice president of finance, Susan Repo.

Tesla announced on the 2nd that Model 3 will produce 5,000 touchdowns per week, but it will not be able to get rid of market doubts in the future. Tesla’s share price opened lower on the 2nd and fell 2.3% at the end.

source : Tesla

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