Tesla Lithium Battery Factory Earns A$1 Million in 2 Days


The world’s largest lithium-battery power plant built by Tesla Inc. in South Australia, since its launch in December 2017, has exacerbated its excellent performance, except that it used to be an emergency-free trip to a coal-fired power plant. Instantly sending 100 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the national grid, the latest news shows that the plant also earned a profit of 1 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 800,000 US dollars) within a few days.

Electrek and Renew Economy reported a few days ago that Tesla’s Nan’ao lithium battery plant is divided into two parts. Among them, 30 MW/ 90 MWh of power generation can be used by French renewable energy company Neoen to trade in the electricity sales market. A portion was provided to the South Australian government to stabilize the grid.

As Tesla’s “Powerpack” power supply system can switch from charging to discharging in less than one second, it is precisely for Neoen to take advantage of the high and low price of Australian electricity.

According to calculations, if the Powerpack system is charged during ultra-low electricity hours, and when the peak electricity usage and electricity costs are as high as AU$14,000/MWh, the transmission of electricity to the grid makes money. It is estimated that Neoen can earn more than US$1 million in two days. Profit.

Tesla’s lithium battery plant, which has only been on the line for several weeks, has proved its worth. Business Insider, Green Matters and other foreigners reported on January 21, 2017 that South Australian Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis told Radio 5AA that Tesla’s lithium battery plant was only after the accidental jump of electricity at the Loy Yang coal-fired power plant in Victoria. In just 140 milliseconds, it has delivered 100 MW of electricity to the national grid. The speed has been refreshing. The rapid and large-scale transmission operations have surprised all operators.

Koutsantonis also said that if the Torrens Island power plant for South Australia encounters the same situation, it will take about an hour and a half to transfer the same electricity to the market.

Tesla’s Nan’ao lithium battery plant was successfully tested and completed in November 2017. It was officially launched in early December and is currently mated to Neoen’s wind power plant in Hornsdale.

source: technews.tw

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