Tesla electric truck win DHL orders, charging network is a challenge

Tesla electric truck

Tesla electric semi-trailer truck superior performance and economy has attracted more and more logistics company’s attention, the recent logistics giant DHL confirmed ordering 10 Tesla electric semitrailer, the company fancy is that electric trucks can significantly reduce the transport cost.Jim Monkmeyer, president of DHL Supply Chain Transportation, confirms that the company has ordered 10 Tesla electric semitrailers, which are scheduled to start production around 2019. He said it was still a few years since ordering the electric truck was a few years from the time DHL converted most of its trucks into electric trucks but the company plans to switch from fuel trucks to electric trucks could drastically reduce operations cost.

Due to the difference in cost between fuel and electricity and the maintenance cost, the cost savings of using electric trucks about two years later can offset the purchase cost of fuel trucks and electric trucks. In contrast, fuel trucks Lower selling prices, but higher operating costs. In an interview, Jim Monkmeyer said DHL anticipates that the Tesla electric semi-trailer will be able to recover costs in about 18 months, depending on the energy usage and maintenance costs. To the Tesla electric semitrailer’s advantage in maintenance costs, the electric car has fewer and simpler engine components for routine maintenance.

The economics of electric trucks are the key to attracting customers. DHL has extensive experience in the use of electric vehicles. The company uses about 5,000 electric scooters to deliver the goods in all regions.

Trucks used by logistics companies drive about 65,000 to 100,000 miles per year and Tesla commits to a 20% savings in operating costs per mile for the company’s electric trucks. The new electric sedan costs $ 1.26 per mile, The average diesel transportation cost per mile for the industry diesel truck is $ 1.51.

The economic gap between fuel trucks and electric trucks will continue to change. The efficiency of fuel trucks will continue to increase in the future. By 2020, the cost disadvantage of fuel trucks over Tesla’s electric trucks will be very small. DHL said it still considered the operating costs of the two power trucks, and eventually both types of vehicles could be switched at the same time. However, the problem that needs to be solved when using electric trucks is the charging device and how the logistics company can adjust the depot’s gas station to a super-charging station.

Jim Monkmeyer said the biggest challenge is how to set up a charging network and how to get more support. DHL needs to be able to use electric trucks on a large scale in a universal charging system. This is a big challenge and also limits the electric truck The main factor of application.

source: www.reuters.com

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