Tesla did it and Musk announced the production of the Model 3


Electrek reported that Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced in a letter to employees that it had produced 3,000 Model 3s last week, the final quarter of the second quarter, and reached a preset target. He said Tesla had arrived.

Tesla’s public confirmation letter is true. Although the actual data is expected to be released before July 4, the performance of Tesla’s stock price on Monday is worthy of attention. Most Wall Street analysts were previously pessimistic about Tesla’s ability to reach a touchdown. . Tesla fell 1.99% on June 29th to 342.95 US dollars.

Reuters reported that the last few Model 3s were shipped after Sunday morning (7/1), so strictly speaking, Tesla arrived several hours late, and this is the result of Tesla’s mobilization. It is still a question of whether we can maintain the output level of 5,000 vehicles per week in the future.

Together with Model S and Model X, Tesla produced a total of 7,000 electric vehicles last week, which Musk believes proves Tesla’s ability to mass-produce electric vehicles and transform them into real depots.

source: Tesla

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