Taiwan citizens traveling to Penghu for tourism to receive double benefits in January

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan citizens traveling to Penghu for tourism in January are eligible to receive both the hotel subsidies offered by the country’s Tourism Bureau and the free gift sets offered by Penghu County Government.

The Tourism Bureau announced in December last year that individual travelers who are under 59 years old and over 30 are eligible for a maximum of NT$1,000 in subsidy per room if they stay at a hotel in Taiwan during the period from Sunday to Thursday in January 2019. For citizens over 60 years old or under 30, the maximum subsidy per room is NT$1,500 during the same period, the announcement added.

In addition to the hotel subsidies, every non-Penghu citizen over 18 years old who visits Penghu during the period from Nov. 5, 2018 to Apr. 30, 2019 is eligible to receive a gift package worth NT$300, the county government announced in November last year.

The county government said it had prepared a total of 50,000 gift sets, and will give every eligible visitor one set. The gift sets will be available until all are given away, the county government added.

Penghu Tourism Department deputy director Liu Mei-fan (劉美凡) said that as of Jan. 1, only 13,173 gift sets were left, and it is estimated that all of them will be claimed by the end of January or before the beginning of the new lunar year, when the whole gift set giveaway activity will wrap up. Therefore, she urged people planning to visit Penghu to do so before the benefits end.

Penghu’s tourism department said eligible persons should present their flight or boat tickets and their ID cards at the front desks of designated places across Penghu when claiming the gift sets. The places for claiming the free gift sets include the arrival hall of Penghu Airport, Penghu Marine Geopark Center, the FamilyMart convenience store on Wangan Island, and the visitor center on Qimei Island.

Penghu Great Bridge (Photo courtesy of Orrin Hoopman)

Penghu’s Wangan Island (Photo courtesy of George Liao)

Penghu visitors are claiming free gift sets (Photo by CNA)

Source:  https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3609428