Subscription system is hot! U.S. Arts transitions video game industry Netflix

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IBD reported that Needham analyst Laura Martin revamped the EA’s target price on the 22nd, rising from US$135 to US$170; compared with the closing price of US$141.26 on the 22nd, it had 20% upside. Martin reported that consumers no longer buy out games and instead subscribe, and EA has benefited from this trend. The company is building Netflix in the game industry. Netflix, a streaming video service provider, is a member of the United States Fear Group and has surged 114.15% so far this year.

EA has announced the launch of its “Origin Access Premier” service. Subscribers pay US$ 14.99 a month or pay US$ 99.99 a year to enjoy more than 100 games. If new games are available, members can also use it first. Origin Access Premier is scheduled to be on the road this summer and includes a variety of new games such as Madden NFL 19, Battlefield 5, and Anthem.

Martin pointed out that subscriptions can reduce the volatility of revenue. She estimates that EA has about 4 million users worldwide, spending an average of US$5 a month to subscribe to games, and a total of US$240 million in subscription revenue for fiscal year 2019. Origin Access Premier will further increase its subscription revenue.


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