Stomach-churning moment massive snake regurgitates another live snake in front of stunned passersby

This is the stomach-churning moment a snake regurgitates another snake and slithers away, leaving his chosen dinner alive.

When a man in the US drove past a huge black snake , he decided to stop and take some pictures of the stunning reptile.

Having seen that the snake had prey in its mouth, his wife suggested that he shoot some video too.

As the bizarre film opens, the snake has the tip of something that looks like a worm sticking out of its jaws.
But as the man continues to film, the snake begins to regurgitate its meal. It quickly becomes clear it has been trying to eat another snake of almost the same size.

The man and his wife can be heard on the video expressing their astonishment. “This is crazy,” says the man at one point.

Amazingly, once out of its attacker’s mouth, the other snake appears to be unharmed. “That other snake’s alive,” says the camera operator.

Snakes can regurgitate food for a number of reasons. It is not the same as vomiting as digestion has not begun, which is why the other snake appeared to be unharmed. They can expel their food if they have overeaten, or if they feel the need to flee from a stressful situation.

The man who posted the incredible video could have been right when he wrote in the accompanying caption: “I was the reason the snake did this, due to feeling threatened. Sorry dude.”

While it may look as though the snake might have bitten off more than it can chew, snakes are able to digest enormous meals.

As we reported earlier this month, a python in Australia was mistaken for a crocodile after swallowing a wallaby the size of a child .