SpaceX’s Mars rocket spacecraft will fly next year

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Silicon Valley billionaire Elon Musk said that his space exploration technology company (SpaceX) is building a rocket spacecraft with the aim of heading to Mars and making short-range test flights as soon as next year.

Media Bloomberg reported that Musk responded to the screenwriter Jonathan Nolan’s question at the Southern Music Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, that the company was building “space ships and thrusters Good progress.”

Musk said: “I think in the first half of next year, we may be able to make short-range and short-range flights. This is a large spaceship and thruster.”

46-year-old Musk has always dreamed of building a human colony on Mars. In 2017, he disclosed that the company is building a new rocket space ship, codenamed BFR, that can reach anywhere on the surface within an hour. Musk said that the spacecraft will eventually perform its mission to the Moon or Mars.

However, at the Southern Music Festival in the United States, Musk also frankly stated that his expectations and goals were sometimes idealized: “I have often been told that, from past records, my schedule is too optimistic.”

source:  yahoo

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