SpaceX launch mission failed

SpaceX launch mission failed, the United States worth billions of dollars spy satellites missing
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The U.S. government has commissioned SpaceX Corporation to launch a highly confidential military satellite on the 8th and lose contact with the ground after entering space. Dow Jones reported late on the 8th that according to industry insiders and government officials, the U.S. Congress has been told that the confidential satellite called Zuma appears to have been destroyed. Reportedly, the accident may be due to the satellite could not be separated from the top of Falcon 9 rocket, and then burned in the atmosphere.

Dow Jones reported that the U.S. official has not yet announced the incident, which means there may be a series of incidents. According to industry estimates, the missing satellite may cost billions of dollars. The satellite, manufactured by Northrop Grumman, a spokesman for Dow Jones, said: “We will not comment on classified missions.”

SpaceX spokesman told the media: “We will not comment on the task of this nature, but the current data analysis shows that Falcon 9 is operating normally.” Zuma spacecraft installed on the top of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Then launched into space at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida. Falcon 9 successfully returned to the ground.

Launching, recycling, and re-using rockets are the main goals of SpaceX scientists, who said recycling rockets can significantly reduce launch costs and allow one rocket to do more.

SpaceX did not reveal the use of the Zuma satellite, which was the first launch of SpaceX in 2018.

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