SONY announces that PS Vita will stop production for sale

PS Vita

According to foreign media’s “dailystar” news, SONY is planning to discontinue the PS Vita handheld game console in the end of its life cycle. It is estimated that Spain will be the first country in the world to suspend production and stop selling SONY PS Vita, and other countries and regions are expected to follow suit soon.

According to the report, when SONY PS Vita was launched in 2011, it caused a sensation in the market, and it is a handheld game machine with powerful performance and novel design. With the proliferation of smart phones, smart mobile games have become a best-selling product, which also has an impact on handheld game consoles. However, PS Vita did not continue to attract players’ exclusive IP in the game. As a result, the sales of this handheld game console were not as expected, and SONY was finally prepared to stop production to achieve hemostasis.

SONY also announced that from March 8, 2019, PS Plus members will no longer open SONY PS3 and PS Vita, and that previously downloaded games and archives will remain valid. According to SONY, the reason for not opening membership is that most players have moved from these two platforms to PS4.

The industry pointed out that the key to the loss of SONY PS Vita is that there is no best-selling game support. Compared to Nintendo 3DS’s current life cycle has not completely ended, because the 3DS hardware is not as good as PS Vita, but there is a strong exclusive game IP promotion, sales are much more than PS Vita. Even after the launch of Nintendo’s next-generation game console Switch, it announced that the 3DS will be retired. However, because players still support the game, Nintendo 3DS is expected to live longer than PS Vita.

source: dailystar

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