Sheep’s eyes, mice and… a penis: Airport security workers reveal weirdest finds

Airport security workers have revealed some of the weirdest things they have ever uncovered in passengers’ luggage – and some of them are truly bizarre.

Among the strangest items ever found include a jar of sheep’s eyeballs, a suitcase full of mannequin hands, £100,000 in fake Monopoly money and a statue’s penis.

The list was compiled by online flight comparison , which quizzed 1,012 people about their airport jobs.

Badly behaved Brits have also tried smuggling through prohibited items as well as odd ones.
The penis from a Greek statue was the weirdest item ever found (Photo: E+)

Knives, flammable liquids and toy guns are the most common things confiscated by security, accounting for nearly half of all confiscated items.

A spokesperson for said “We’re not sure what people were thinking carrying some of these items in their luggage!

“If you’re questioning whether or not you can travel with an item, ask the question or just don’t try – it can lead to an awkward situation or even get you into trouble!”

Top Ten Strangest Items

1. The penis from a Greek statue
2. A case full of mannequin hands
3. A jar of sheep’s eyeballs
4. £100,000 in monopoly money
5. A box full of live mice, being smuggled for snakes to eat
6. A live ferret
7. A suitcase full of cacti
8. Thousands of sachets of Sea Monkeys
9. 12 bags of live goldfish
10. Multiple jars of rainwater from different countries