Seeing double? From copycat cranes to lookalike lions, the animals who can’t resist mirroring their pals’ every move

Move over Team GB – when it comes to synchronised swimming these whales have the Gold in the bag.

The two humpback whales were spotted just outside Sydney Harbour in Australia by photographer Jonas Liebschner.

He said: “They look perfectly synchronised.”

Reports of whether they will be trying out for the Britain’s Got Talent next year are still unconfirmed, but when it comes to the animal kingdom they are not the creatures who are perfectly in sync.
From the girlband of giraffes doing the splits to lions seemingly putting on an gymnastic floorshow, the animal kingdom can’t help apeing each other..

All we need now is King Louie and Mowgli and a rendition of I Wan’na be like You…

The Red Sparrows
Forget the Red Arrows, it’s the Red Sparrows! These Canada geese, from Wisconsin, US, keep perfect V formation, helping them to conserve energy as they slipstream.

In the same stripe
It’s ready, steady, synchronised sipping with these zebras as they take a drink from a river in Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Burchell’s zebras are known for forming harems with a single stallion and several mares. We wonder how they have to earn their stripes to join?

Neck and neck … and neck
Kipping penguins
We love lion around