Samsung Expands Foundry Foundry, Internet of Things, and Fingerprint Identification as New Prey


Samsung announced on Wednesday that it has expanded its foundry business, including Internet of Things (IoT) and fingerprint identification customers, and is now included in the roster of customers. Samsung will use its 8-inch fab to provide foundry services for IoT and fingerprint chip customers. Previously, Samsung foundry projects included embedded flash memory (eFlash), power supplies, display driver ICs, and image sensors. (Yonhap News Agency)

The Samsung 8-inch wafer fab is located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, and its plant, code-named Line 6, can provide foundry services ranging from 65 nanometers to 180 nanometers. According to Ryan Lee, deputy general manager of Samsung Foundry Marketing, customers are extremely interested in alternative solutions to the 8K plant.

After Samsung broke off its foundry into an independent department in May 2017, the 8-inch fab played one of the key roles. Samsung further introduced advanced wafer foundry ecosystems this year to expand the market share. When Samsung was interviewed by Reuters in July 2017, it once said that the city’s market share should increase by 3 times to 25%. The goal is to become the second largest wafer foundry in the world.

source :  Samsung

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