Overwatch gaming global ram!

Fighting battle special occupation League last week at the Blizzard Cyberport in Los Angeles fiery debut in the world’s first city-based large-scale professional gaming tournament, 12 teams in the four-day race rivalry.

Twitch, which recently announced the signing of a two-year “Squad Attack” professional gaming tournament global broadcast partnership agreement, hit an average of 408,000 views per minute on the opening day and 280,000 on average during the week. During these four days, more than 10 million viewers broadcast live broadcasts via Twitch, MLG, live broadcast partners in China, CCTV live on the NetEase and Panda live broadcasts. Light is the Twitch and MLG two platforms, the first day of Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty this highly anticipated match up to a maximum of 437,000 online viewers simultaneously. In addition, the opening tickets for the opening week of the Blizzard Games Store in Los Angeles were all sold out.

“We are very pleased that the opening race of the professional gaming tournament has been very well received.” Pete Vlastelica, President and CEO of MLG, said: “But this is just the beginning.” Fighting Special Forces has more than 3,500 Ten thousand players, so that “battlefield” professional gaming league has the potential to become the world’s most watch sports league. ”

“Since we announced the Fighting Leagues professional gaming league at BlizzCon 2016, we are eagerly looking forward to the day when the global Fighting Gaming Community gathered.” “Fighting Specials” Chief Executive Nate Nanzer said: “The opening week was a celebration of the new situation for fans and players who fought for the battlefield. In addition to the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, millions of viewers around the world watched the game , Players love of the game also revealed here.

“The audience at Twitch are always very enthusiastic and we have a very high expectation of the broadcast on Twitch during the opening week of the SOS Champions League.” Kevin Lin, Chief Operating Officer at Twitch, said: “The teams did The brilliant game, many fans are also warmly welcomed. The community responded well, so that “battlefield” professional gaming league has a good start, we are optimistic about the future development of this season .This league shows the gaming sport We are also very pleased to continue to expand our partnership with Blizzard. ”

Fighting Specials The first season of the Gaming League will last until June and the playoffs and finals are expected to be held in July. In the first season, all events will be held in Los Angeles Blizzard. This is not only one of the top live competition venues in Burbank, California, but also an e-sports hall specifically for Blizzard Entertainment. Fans can purchase tickets for the spectators’ event; the events will be played every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the US West.

source: ettoday