OUTDOORS: Anglers need to protect their skin

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(Keywords: sun block fabric, UV Cut Fabric, sunscreen)

I grew up at a time when the thing to do was get a tan so I spent many hours in the sun. No shirt and short pants were the dress code when out in the sun. I remember getting blistered pretty bad a couple of times at the beach. Even as I got older and companies began selling products to protect me from the sun, I still spent many hours in the sun fishing without using protective sprays or clothing.

I began using sunscreen and a big hat a few years ago but the damage to my skin had already occurred. Recently, I began regular visits to the dermatologist to have pre-cancers removed from my hands, arms, face and back.

The pre-cancers were caused by my long years in the sun without protection. During one recent visit, the dermatologist found a cancerous spot on my arm and had to remove several layers of skin to completely remove the cancerous material.

Shortly after that episode, the dermatologist found a spot on my back. A biopsy revealed that I have Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus. This form of Lupus makes me very sensitive to the sun’s rays and causes rashes and lesions from sun exposure. I apparently had the disease for some time before I was diagnosed.

For a person who spends a lot of time in the sun, that was a devastating diagnosis. I have to take daily prescription medication to treat the Lupus and I have to take special precautions when in the sun.

It is now absolutely necessary that I cover up my entire body when I am in the sun. About the only thing visible on my body is my eyes and they are covered by sunglasses. I am covered up so much I am afraid of scaring my grandchildren when I take them fishing.

The additional requirements to cover my body from the sun have taken a little getting used to, but after a few trips on the water, I have adjusted. I now wear special sun protecting shirts, pants, gloves, hats and face coverings anytime I go fishing. In addition, a use a good sunscreen before I cover my skin with clothing.

I am writing this article to hopefully send a message to anglers and for that matter anyone who spends time in the sun. My message is for the young and the old who spend time in the sun.

For the younger generation who might think they can handle the sun without protection, I can tell you that the sun damage to your skin will eventually show up down the road. It does not matter if you are fair skinned or otherwise, but especially if you are fair skinned.

During my visits to the dermatologist, I see all types of skin types including young and old in the office for treatment. Many of the things required to protect you from getting different forms of skin cancers are easy to purchase and easy to use.

If you decide to choose only one solution for the sun’s dangerous rays, use a good quality sunscreen that has good SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measure and apply it liberally and reapply it often. Also, wear some type of head covering that hopefully has good UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection.

SPF is used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens and UPF is used to measure the effectiveness of the fabrics you wear. A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 will protect your skin for 150 minutes. Without sunscreen, your skin is only protected for ten minutes. Sunscreens only provide UVB radiation protection.

sun block fabric, UV Cut Fabric, sunscreen

UV Cut Fabric / Sun Block Fabric

A fabric with a UPF rating of 50 blocks out 98 percent of the UV (ultraviolet) rays when worn. Hats, shirts, pants, gloves and facial coverings are now manufactured to provide protection from the sun. Those fabrics provide both UVA and UVB radiation protection. Both UVA and UVB radiation reach the earth from the sun and are absorbed by our skin. When absorbed by the skin UV radiation can cause genetic mutations in our skin cells that could cause cancer over time.

UVA and UVB radiations are the leading cause of squamous cell and basal cell cancers. They may also be a possible contributor for melanoma which is a deadly form of cancer. The bottom line is you need to protect your skin from the sun and the only way to do that is either avoid the sun entirely (not recommended) or use sunscreen and specifically constructed fabrics that protect you from the sun.

Anglers are especially prone to skin cancers due to the amount of time they spend in the sun enjoying the great outdoors and the enjoyment that comes from fishing. Damage to skin from the sun can come year-round and even in cloudy conditions. Time spent in the sun can become costly to your skin if you do not protect yourself from harmful sun rays.

Unfortunately, I learned my lesson about skin damage late in life and I am only providing this information to help you better understand how damaging the sun can be to your skin.

Good fishing, protect your skin and see you next week.

sun block fabric, UV Cut Fabric, sunscreen



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