Organizer of Taiwan Lantern Festival invited to participate in Copenhagen Light Festival

Taiwan Lantern Festival

Taiwan News — As the ongoing 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival is receiving rave reviews from media, Taipei Representative Office in Denmark has said that the organizer of this year’s national lantern festival, Pingtung County Government, has been invited to participate in the Copenhagen Light Festival next year..

The office posted the good news on its Facebook page on Feb. 21, saying that the culture bureau of Indre By in down Copenhagen had invited Pingtung County Government to participate in Copenhagen Light Festival in February 2020.

Three lantern artworks have been invited to be displayed in Copenhagen in August this year, the organizer said.

After learning the good news, users of the social media have filled the page with positive comments and comparisons between the Pingtung and Kaohsiung lantern festivals, Liberty Times reported.

One user said, “[I] feel it’s gonna be jam packed during the 228 holiday.” “If I’m traveling to southern Taiwan, I definitely choose Pingtung,” said another.

“The lantern gear on the water is much better than that of Kaohsiung, not to mention other things” still another said.

“On the contrary, the Lotus Lantern [in Kaohsiung] is a joke,” one user chimed in. “Why didn’t Copenhagen invite the Gold and Silver River [of Kaohsiung]?” another asked in veiled attack.

Taiwan Lantern Festival
(photo courtesy of Pingtung County Government)