Nintendo will launch the first IP-free mobile game

Dragalia Lost

Recently, Cygames, a company that developed various hot action games such as “Blue Fantasy”, “Shadow”, and “Princess Connection”, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Nintendo and will launch an original RPG mobile game “The Lost Dragons” this summer. Dragalia Lost).

The game’s official website has been online and players can make reservations. The first Chinese PV has also been released. According to official website information, the game will be launched on the App Store and Google Play at the same time. It is expected that the game will be launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and will be launched in North America.

In the 2016 Apple conference, Mario’s father, Miyamoto Miyako, brought Nintendo’s first self-developed mobile game, Super Mario Run, and announced that established game makers will enter the field of action games. At the end of the same year, Nintendo President Jun Dadao told the media that the mobile game will become the “third pillar” of Nintendo outside of the console business and handheld business.

Afterwards, Nintendo launched its hand-held game “Fire Emblem Hero”, which is based on the strategy coat of arms as the IP flame, and the game-playing game Animal Forest as an IP game. “Animal Forest: Pocket Campground” 》(Animal Crossing: Pocker Camp). Counting in the earliest “Super Mario Cool Run,” every Nintendo mobile game has an enormous old IP that drives behind. But unlike the previous three games, the Lost Dragons, a collaboration with Cygames, is a completely original work.

It can be seen that there are two changes in Nintendo’s strategy for mobile games. One is the shift from old IP gaming to direct development of original works, and the other is the first strategy from North America to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

At the Nintendo Financial Times Conference recently, Jun Dadao stated that the Chinese market is very large, and Nintendo is negotiating with outside companies to seek new strategies for entering China. This time in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan starting, on the one hand to reveal Nintendo’s longing for the Chinese market and resource tilt, on the other hand that the version is still an insurmountable problem for the current Nintendo.

source: Nintendo

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