Nintendo Direct

Into 2018, many companies are beginning preparations for the promotion of new work, also began to announce plans for the year this year, Nintendo is no exception, there will be a release on January 11-15 January 15 release of the latest Nintendo Direct , Many foreign media have begun to speculate what works will boarded the Switch platform.

Of course, 2017 is expected to be announced Wolfenstein 2, legendary duel, Travis No More Hero, Metroid Prime 4, project OCTOPATH TRAVELER, true goddess reincarnation, etc., will appear in this NintendoDirect, but some gossip has burst quite satisfactory New work, including GTA V, the Dragon 2, Dragon Quest XI full voice version!

Just as Nintendo Direct was preparing for this latest installment, Nintendo announced that Switch was perfectly cracked. Team-Xecuter released a short video claiming that they have been able to crack the full version of the system and can build firmware and systems for the Switch. A fast and stable cracking method is being developed and is scheduled for spring. Originally Nintendo chose Game Card in addition to its original intent of its portability, the most important thing is to prevent piracy, it is now perfect crack, Xiaobian very much looking forward to how Nintendo will respond!

source from: Fanpiece
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