‘Nasty’ footage captures beautician using new £4 ‘blackhead remover’ tool to squeeze pus from pimples

A video of a new £4 tool being used to remove blackheads has gone viral .

The clip shows a beautician using the metal curved tweezers to pierce the skin and remove the pus.

The blackhead tweezers – officially known as a “Blackhead Tweezers Comedone Acne Blemish Remover Curved Nipper Stainless Beauty Cleaner Tool” – allow the user to clear all pores of pus easily in a streamlined manner.

The idea is said to be to poke the blackhead with the tip, “flip it to squeeze the pore and purge the plug”, Racked reports.
The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

One viewer on Facebook wrote: “This is therapeutic..”

Another viewer wrote: “I’m swallowing my saliva while watching.”

Another added: “It’s so nasty but so mesmerizing ughhhhh.”

The tool allowed direct extraction by targeting the tiny blackhead directly, unlike what can be achieved by doing it with human fingers, the website reported.
Dermatologist Neal Schultz told website the device was safe and fine to use.

“With the tines open, the curved parts gently press down on the sides of the blackhead,” he said.

“Then the curved tips are squeezed together, putting the pressure that pinches the skin together below the level of the opening of the blackhead so the contents of the blackhead can easily be squeezed out.”