Mum claims her children looked like “burnt bacon” after suffering third degree burns despite factor 50 suncream

A mum has claimed her two children suffered third degree burns which left their skin looking like “burnt bacon” despite lathering factor 50 suncream on them.

Claire Tymon, from north Hull, says Louie, eight, and Millie, 12, were left in “so much pain” after their 11-day holiday in Spain last month.

Her eldest, who burnt his back and shoulders, has been told he cannot expose the top half of his body to direct sunlight for a whole year.

Miss Tymon claims that despite applying factor 50 suncream to the pair at least half a dozen times a day in the 30C heat, the youngsters had to be given medical treatment after suffering severe burns.

Louie’s back was swathed in bandages by staff at the Bransholme NHS walk-in centre last week, the Hull Daily Mail reports.
Millie has reddening and soreness to her face and shoulders.

Miss Tymon said she believes the SPF factor 50 Banana Boat UltraMist sunscreen and spray she used on them, which she bought from Home Bargains, did not prevent them getting the burns.

She said: “While we were on holiday I felt guilty as a parent because they were getting burnt and I thought that I wasn’t putting enough on them at first. So I just kept applying more and more on them but it just got worse.

“I took them to a chemist over there because they had blisters as well.

“They were in so much pain. On the way home people were coming over to me bringing me medication for Louie to help the pain.

“We took them into the walk-in centre on Saturday morning, and the medics there said Louie always has to wear a t-shirt in the sun. His shoulders and back can’t be exposed to it at all, and that’s for a year at least.

“They’re both scarred. It looks like burnt bacon.”
Miss Tymon says she bought the sunscreen from Home Bargains a couple of weeks before she went on holiday and applied it to her children throughout the break as per the instructions on the bottle.

“They told me that if we’d waited much longer with Louie, we might have had to see a plastic surgeon,” she said.
This month, independent health advisers Environmental Working Group listed a different Banana Boat product, the Kids’ SPF Factor 100 sunscreen and sun lotion on a list of 14 sun protection products “to avoid” as the SPF factor is lower than advertised.

Miss Tymon said she was speaking out to warn parents to be vigilant about choosing their sunscreen products.

“On the plane back, and coming out of the walk-in centre we had people staring at the kids and pointing which was awful,” she said.

“Millie’s really upset about it because she thinks people will stare at her when she goes back to school.

“I just want other parents to be aware if they’re taking their kids on holiday anytime soon.”

She says she is going to complain to Banana Boat, however the firm says it has not yet received one.
In a statement, a spokesman for the company said: “We at Banana Boat, take all of our consumer’s concerns seriously and investigate all cases when we are contacted directly about someone who has encountered a reaction when using our products.

“However, it is difficult to determine what may have caused the reported problem without speaking with the consumer, examining the product or determining the specific type of reaction.

“Any consumer concerns that reach us are fully investigated by our quality assurance team, who will look into reported cases and assist consumers in any way we can.

“Often, chemical burns are mistakenly linked to personal care products or confused with sunburns, but Banana Boat sunscreens fall within a neutral PH range, which means they are safe for human skin and cannot cause chemical burns.

“We encourage people who have concerns about a type of burn to visit a dermatologist who can determine the differences among a chemical burn, a sunburn, a reaction to the sunscreen itself or a photoallergic reaction.”

The spokesman said a dermatologist can also advise on appropriate treatment.

He added: “For some people, sensitivity to an ingredient can be triggered or exacerbated by the sun. Such a photosensitive or photoallergic reaction can result in an exaggerated skin rash or sunburn. In more severe cases, blistering may also develop.

“Banana Boat focuses fully on providing quality products and effective sun protection that meet all EU and Cosmetic Regulations (EC 1223/2009).”

He continued by saying that all their sun care products undergo appropriate and rigorous testing to ensure they are properly labeled and meet these regulations.
He said consumers can feel confident using their products for safe and effective sun protection, when applied as directed by the product labels.

A spokesman for Home Bargains said: “We’ve contacted the manufacturer and they have assured us that the formulation available in Home Bargains is compliant with relevant health and safety requirements.

“We’d urge the customer to contact us directly, so that we can investigate the reported incident.”