Mozilla Synonym (Common Voice)


Nowadays, major technology companies pay attention to AI. To use AI to train speech recognition, there must be a voice database corresponding to the statement, and there is a way to train AI. Mozilla, which operates in an open manner, launched the Mozilla Common Voice, which was released on the 6th of last month and began collecting German, French and Welsh audio files. Now Mozilla has opened up the recordings of the normal Chinese language, and the Mozilla Taiwan community has called on the community members to record the daily life conversation.

The Mozilla Foundation, which operates in an open source manner, uses the usual open source power to collect the voice libraries needed for AI training and launch a simultaneous sound project. Mozilla Taiwan Community Facebook Fans posted a post on Saturday, announcing that the official Chinese version of the Tongsheng Project was launched and began to include everyone’s voice conversations. Just spend a little time, press the record button on the website, whether on the table or on the phone, you can follow the sentences that appear on the screen and say it in the usual way, contributing to the person who wants to recognize the voice.

At present, on the table machine or mobile browser, you can enter the Chinese version of the simultaneous sound plan and record the daily language of Taiwan. However, due to system limitations, you must download the app under iOS to contribute to the recording, and Android can record directly under the mobile browser.

source:  Mozilla

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