Millionaire Wall Streeters are reportedly spending up to $10,000 on ‘healing crystals’ to attract love, money, and success

Crystal healing is considered pseudoscience by the medical community.
But men on Wall Street are reportedly paying hefty sums to buy rare stones.
Other people in the entertainment industry, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Spencer Pratt, and Kim Kardashian, believe in the healing power of crystals.


Actors, health gurus, and now, perhaps inexplicably, Wall Street men are into the healing power of crystals, according The New York Post.

The Post reports that Anthony C., who declined to give his last name citing professional reasons, searched for a rare moldavite for two months, eventually finding the right stone. It was set in gold and he purchased it for $10,000.

“I’m not thinking about the money — I’m thinking about what I need,” Anthony, who works in luxury real estate, told The Post. “I’m doing it for all [kinds of] reasons — finance, making things happen in business.”

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Eli, a real estate agent who also declined to use his last name, said the crystals help at work.
“If I’m on the phone with a client, I’ll hold the crystal — a citrine — to connect to its energy,” Eli told The Post.

Crystal sellers are reportedly seeing an uptick in sales to millionaire men, many of whom work in finance or real estate.
“These are people who run hedge funds, who work on Wall Street. These are guys who are running businesses and handling all these people’s money,” Colleen McCann told The Post. McCann is an “energy practitioner” and charges $250 an hour for crystal reading private sessions.

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Doctors and scientists say that crystal healing is pseudoscience. But that isn’t stopping believers of the power of crystals — like Gwyneth Paltrow, Spencer Pratt, and Kim Kardashian — from preaching about their benefits.