Microban technologies receive sustainability approval

antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant

(Keywords: antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant)

Huntersville, N.C. – Microban International is deepening its range of sustainable products.

The company, an antimicrobial and odor control and prevention technology source, has received bluesign approval for two technologies: Scentry Revive BC300A and BC300B; and Aegis AEM5772-5, AEM5700 and FU5700.

These additions bring the Microban bluesign-approved portfolio to a total of 10 antimicrobial and odor control solutions. Scentry Revive, a patent-pending odor capture platform, launched globally in April 2018. AEGIS has been a leading antimicrobial solution for more than 30 years.

Bluesign is an industry standard that ensures antimicrobial products are sustainable and safe for the environment. The bluesign system is the solution for sustainable textile production, eliminating harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process, setting standards for environmentally friendly and safe production.

“Earning the bluesign approval for these technologies is a testament to our commitment to not only sustainability, but to providing our partners with the upmost industry standards in conserving valuable resources, minimizing environmental impacts and more, while maintaining the level of antimicrobial fabric performance we’re known for,” said Brian Aylward, senior director of Microban Global Textiles.

antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant

Anti Bacteria /Deodorant

He added Microban will continue to work toward obtaining bluesign approval for its complete textile portfolio “to offer our partners a full suite of solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Microban has been a bluesign partner since 2014.

antimicrobial fabric, Anti Bacteria, Deodorant



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