Man who shouted ‘F*** you, I’m Millwall’ at London Bridge terrorists gets perfect tribute

Roy Larner is a man deserving of a pint or two. There were many heroes at the Borough Market terror attack on June 3, and Roy was one of them.

As three men went on a knife-wielding rampage through London Bridge’s historic food and drink market, Roy was in the Black & Blue restaurant with friends.

When the murderers stormed in just after 10pm, Roy fought back, shouting words now synonymous with revellers’ collective defiance: “F**k You, I’m Millwall!”.

Roy, a classically die hard Millwall fan, took on the three terrorists single-handedly – saving lives by allowing others to escape. He was stabbed eight times. While recovering in hospital, his friends gave him a magazine upon which the words ‘Learn to Run’ were emblazoned.
The perfect pint
“I didn’t think of my safety at the time. I’d had four or five pints – nothing major,” Roy said. “I can handle myself. But I was out with an old person and it was out of order.”

Now, in a beautifully fitting homage to Roy’s bravery, a brewery has named a beer after him. Swedish maker Frequency Beer Works is currently making a 5% English bitter. It’s called, of course, ‘F**k You, I’m Millwall’.

After a tribute on the company’s Facebook page, co-founder John Tsihlis told Mirror Online about how the beer was conceived.

“Getting the team together has been almost impossible as Anders Friden (lead singer of [metal band] In Flames) has been on tour around the world for the last three months,” he told us.

“Finally, we sit down together over dinner in Stockholm to discuss brewing plans. The atrocity at London Bridge came up in conversation, and without delay the beer was born. We decided we would dedicate this beer to a real hero. It’s our tribute to Roy. We were very touched.”

John added: “The bitter is full-bodied and strong, just like Roy! It’s a version of a British classic ale. Roy has been very popular in the pubs here over the last week.

“We’ve produced 2,500 litres, but most is in keg. We’re hoping to push some pallets to the UK in the coming week. Given the response from Millwall fans, we may be doing another batch to bottle.”

The beer should be in the UK soon
Frequency Beer Works has seen lots of support for its new beer. Unsurprisingly, pub landlords from London have expressed interest in getting it to the capital pumps.

The brewery confirmed to Mirror Online that it is currently in the process of sorting out shipping to the UK. So stay tuned. “Roy will never need to pay for any of our beers, that’s for sure!” Frequency wrote on its page.

A JustGiving page set up to raise a £500 reward for Roy has already raised £50,000, with calls for him to be awarded the George Cross. All of the profits made from ‘F*** You, I’m Millwall’ beer will be donated to the cause.