Logan mayor luke smith talks at forum

Logan mayor luke smith talks at forum

Kasim Mehrotra was invited to speak about his bid to make a change to Winnipeg’s gun laws at a gun control forum last week.

Mehrotra, a veteran RCMP officer, is running for re-election in November and spoke before dozens of gun owners.

At one point, one woman suggested the city need a law to make it illegal for young men and women to have guns.

“For what exactly?” Mehrotra said.

She asked if that gun owner would have “no responsibility whatsoever if a child, a girl, who isn’t yet si전주출장마사지x, gets struck by바카라 a bullet.”

That was “ridiculous,” Mehrotra replied.

The city’s new mayor is scheduled to talk about his gun plan Monday at an event at a local university.

“I really love gun owners and their families,” Mayor Brian Bowman told reporters Monday. “I know for sure gun owners are great in Winnipeg.”

Bowman said the mayor will also speak to police about gun safety.

“We’re definit모나코 카지노ely going to make sure we are not at the margins of things like mental health, mental illness, or domestic violence,” he said.

He also said the gun industry “has been a significant contributor to Winnipeg’s success.”