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Face ID is one of the biggest highlights of iPhone X. However, since the iPhone X was released, users have reported that Face ID has caused the use of the iPhone X rear lens.Some previous users at the Reddit gave back the iPhone X’s Face ID and the rear lens often malfunctioned together. One user pointed out that the functions of the rear camera except panoramic, slow photography and time-lapse photography were not available, and the Face ID would appear “Face ID The number is not available” prompt.

Recently, Apple internal files to the Apple Store and authorized service providers, maintenance suggestions for this issue indirectly revealed the reasons for the Face ID bug.According to this file, when faced with the failure caused by Face ID, service personnel of Apple retail stores and authorized service providers should test the rear camera of iPhone X first and repair the system if necessary. If you still can’t solve the problem, then give the user a new one without repairing the monitor.Take a look at the original file how to say:

In order to provide the best user experience, if the user reports that iPhone X has a Face ID problem, the problem can be solved through the rear lens repair.Perform AST 2 on the user’s device to check the camera. If the diagnostic program finds problems with the camera, perform a repair to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem is not resolved, perform the entire device replacement instead of the display repair of the same device.In fact, last year’s updated iOS 11.2 also caused some iPhone X’s Face ID to malfunction, but this issue may not be the same.

Based on consultations with Genius Bar employees by some users, the TrueDepth lens used by Face ID and the telephoto lens are interconnected, so there seems to be some correlation between the Face ID bug and the rear lens malfunction, but the specific reason is not clear.In addition to this exposure file, Apple has not yet responded to this issue and has publicly announced any related maintenance plans.

Previous Face ID issues had also worried users, but focused mainly on security and privacy. In November last year, a Vietnamese security company, Bkav, said that using homemade 3D masks to successfully crack Face ID, there are a number of media testing whether Face ID can identify twins, and the conclusions are also different.

In order to discourage users’ doubts, Apple also published a “white paper” to explain the technical safety of facial recognition. The file pointed out that “The crowd randomly selects one person. If you look at your iPhone X, you can use the Face ID to unlock millions of possibilities. One in a minute (Touch ID is one in 50,000).”However, compared to the extremely low probability of Face ID cracking, Face ID and rear-facing lens are not available to the user even more trouble, do not know whether Apple will also publish relevant technical reports to explain this failure.

source : technews.tw

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