IPC`s development

The IPC industry has its own limitations: Compared to the booming PC industry over the past 20 years, IPC has seen relatively weak growth. As stated above, mainstream IPC players generate value by providing “system integration” and “solution” solutions. From an industrial demand perspective, this B2B-oriented business is hardly as good as B2C’s consumer electronics industry , Can be extended to a large number of consumers, Moreover, not every industry has the ability to afford a package solution; and from the industrial supply side, because there is no need for such high-end technology, there are few new Competitors dare to break into the other side of the lack of competition in the industry also make the relevant supply chain become less mature.

These limitations make the development of the past IPC industry lacks a stunning spark.

However, these restrictions will likely loosen over the next 10 years, including more and more cheaper networking devices being handed over to the general public, the price of sensors falling, and the Big Data being talked about, the robot appears. The combination of these factors gives IPC access to the lives of the average person such as retail access roads, cars, smart homes and more. The future growth will certainly be stronger than the VDC Research forecast for 2007-2012 9.33% CAGR more imagination, but also will speed up the IPC related technology progress and development.

source from: Freddy Business Note