International Olympic Committee to Host E-Sports Forum in July


E-sports continues to grow in an impressive way. However, there is still much controversy about whether “e-sports” is not considered to be a sport. However, after the Asian Games included e-sports in demonstration projects, the International Olympic Committee The IOC has also released goodwill in the near future. In the future, it may also be expected to see the emergence of e-sports projects at the Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee and the Global Sports Federation (GAISF) recently announced that they will hold an e-sports forum in July to assess whether e-sports will have a place in the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee and GAISF will invite e-sports players, game publishers, e-sports teams, media, sponsors and event planners to participate together, and the National Olympic Games (NOC) and IFs and athletes Will be a guest.

Through this forum, GAISF hopes to explore future synergies and build consensus for all participants, and at the same time build a platform for future cooperation between gaming, gaming industry and the Olympics.

President Patrick Baumann stated that GAISF is very much looking forward to hosting this forum together with the International Olympic Committee. “We understand that ‘sports’ will not remain unchanged forever, and the amazing growth of e-sports and games is part of the continuing evolution of sports. We provide a very important and valuable opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of e-sports and the future development, so that we can jointly consider how to cooperate in order to achieve mutual benefit and reciprocity of all future sports.”

According to our understanding, the topics discussed in the forum include “Key to Twitch’s success,” “Opportunities for future cooperation,” and interviews on the theme of “one day for senior players.” Other topics include “gender equality in all sports.”


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